The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce ...: Negligible tales. The parenticide club. The fourth estate. The ocean wave. "On with the dance!" Epigrams

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Page 320 - Alike all ages. Dames of ancient days Have led their children through the mirthful maze, And the gay grandsire, skill'd in gestic lore, Has frisk'd beneath the burden of threescore.
Page 270 - twas but the wind, Or the car rattling o'er the stony street; On with the dance! let joy be unconfined; No sleep till morn, when Youth and Pleasure meet To chase the glowing Hours with flying feet But hark!
Page 317 - Meanwhile, welcome joy, and feast, Midnight shout, and revelry, Tipsy dance, and jollity, I Braid your locks with rosy twine, Dropping odours, dropping wine. Rigour now is gone to bed, And advice with scrupulous head, Strict age, and sour severity, With their grave saws in slumber lie.
Page 319 - Frenchmen call it) and agility, insomuch as they seem to have the use of their legs, arms, and bodies, more than any others, who, standing stiff and stark in their postures, seem as if they were taken in their joints, or had not the perfect use of their members.
Page 163 - My name is Boffer Bings. I was born of honest parents in one of the humbler walks of life, my father being a manufacturer of dog-oil and my mother having a small studio in the shadow of the village church, where she disposed of unwelcome babes.
Page 292 - ... in the field of arms; While my inglorious, placid soul Breathes not a wish beyond this bowl. Then fill it high, my ruddy slave, And bathe me in its brimming wave. For though my fading years decay, Though manhood's prime hath passed away, Like old Silenus, sire divine, With blushes borrowed from my wine, I'll wanton 'mid the dancing train, And live my follies o'er again!
Page 171 - Early one June morning in 1872 I murdered my father— an act which made a deep impression on me at the time.
Page 291 - Ne'er let it be the birth of madness; No! banish from our board to-night The revelries of rude delight; To Scythians leave these wild excesses, Ours be the joy that soothes and blesses! And, while the temperate bowl we wreathe, In concert let our voices breathe, Beguiling every hour along With harmony of soul and song.
Page 149 - I was born in 1856 in Kalamakee, Mich., of honest and reputable parents, one of whom Heaven has mercifully spared to comfort me in my later years. In 1867 the family came to California and settled near Nigger Head, where my father opened a road agency and prospered beyond the dreams of avarice. He was a reticent, saturnine man then, though his increasing years have now somewhat relaxed the austerity of his disposition...
Page 153 - My aunt replied with her peculiar smile that so many gentleman called on that errand and were afterward carried away without having performed it that I must excuse her for doubting my good faith in the matter. She said I did not look as if I would kill anybody, so, as a proof of good faith I leveled my rifle and wounded a Chinaman who happened to be passing the house.

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