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Century Company, 1905 - Friendship - 312 pages
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Page 29 - Wan was her cheek which hung on my shoulder — Damp was her hand, no marble was colder, I felt that again I should never behold her. Savourneen deelish Eileen oge...
Page 13 - Sir, it needeth not to put me to more pain or labour, for it seemeth not you to speed there as other have failed. Ah ! fair damosel, said Balin, worthiness, and good tatches, and good deeds, are not only in arrayment, but manhood and worship is hid within man's person, and many a worshipful knight is not known unto all people, and therefore worship and hardiness is not in arrayment.
Page 28 - AH ! the moment was sad when my love and I parted — Savourneen deelish Eileen oge !* As I kissed off her tears, I was nigh broken-hearted ! — Savourneen deelish Eileen oge...
Page 108 - I must stick to my course," he said. " I 'd never be a real one. They work for the work's sake, and I work for the praise. If I win the scholarship, it '11 be because you want me to, Martha ; if I come to be a lawyer, it 's because it 's the wish of the judge's heart ; and if I win out in the end, it will be for the love of some one — some one who cares more for that than for anything else in the world.
Page 167 - I can't for the life of me make up my mind which. I don 't know why I am telling you all these things, Mr. Kilday, except that you are so sweet and sympathetic. You understand, don't you?
Page 203 - MAGAZINE ADVERTISER They had paddled in under the willows to avoid the heat of the sun. "Why did you come to Kentucky?
Page 203 - d seen. Every page I 'vc learned has been for you. every wrong thought I 've put out of me mind has been to make more room for you. I don't even ask ye to be my friend : I only ask to be yours. to see ye sometime, to talk with you. and to keep ye first in my heart and to serve ye to the end.

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