Göttingische gelehrte Anzeigen, Volume 1

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Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1820 - Books

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Page 61 - Observations on the distinguishing symptoms of three different species of pulmonary consumption, the catarrhal, the apostematous, and the tuberculous; with some remarks on the remedies and regimen best fitted for the prevention, removal, or alleviation of each species.
Page 205 - Traité des maladies nerveuses ou vapeurs, et particulièrement de l'hystérie et de la hypochondrie.
Page 688 - Observations on the Prevention and Treatment of the Epidemic Fever at present prevailing in this Metropolis and most Parts of the United Kingdom ; with Remarks on the Opinions of Dr.
Page 433 - Observations on the Temperature of the Ocean and Atmosphere, and on the Density of Sea-water, made during a Voyage to Ceylon. In a Letter to Sir Humphrey Davy, LL.DFRS By John Davy, MDFRS—22.
Page 652 - be a mean of all the radii of the spheroid. 6. the gravity on the surface of the sphere should be equal to the mean gravity on. the surface of the epheroid. (fine Jîuqel, те!фе biefe $5ebingungen mb'f|iicl)ft' erfülle, fbnne ¿u biefen ober jenen деоагаэ • ^¡(фепоЬего^гспоп^фепЗю^п, от t)ort¿eil^afs teften ftattbee roirí'li3)en€rbfpj)uroibegebruucbttt>erí ben- XXXI.
Page 89 - These diseases are only, in general, communicable through the medium of an impure atmosphere : in a pure air, in large and well ventilated apartments, when the dress of the patient is frequently changed, all excrementitious discharges immediately removed, and attention paid to cleanliness in general, these diseases arc not communicated, or very rarely so, from one to another.
Page 583 - C'est ainsi que nous est venue la théologie scolastique, dont on se moque tant aujourd'hui; théologie qui n'est pas plus absurde qu'une autre, et qui exige, pour être apprise comme la savait un moine du treizième siècle, une force de tête, un degré d'attention, de sagacité et de mémoire qui n'est peut-être pas très commun parmi les philosophes qui s'en moquent, parce qu'il est de mode de s'en moquer.
Page 533 - Prize for 1812, offered by the Royal College of Surgeons in London ; to which are added surgical Cases, with practical Remarks. By William Goodlad, Surgeon, Bury, Lancashire, &c.

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