Tales of the Good Woman

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C. Scribner, 1867 - 402 pages
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Page 287 - else. He had a little net of green gauze, (so constructed as to open and shut as occasion required, to entrap the small fry), and a box with a cork bottom, upon which he impaled his prisoners with true scientific barbarity, by sticking a pin in them. Thus equipped, this Don Quixote of
Page 287 - sketch it and me together, with a mingled taste and skill I have never since seen surpassed. I figure in all his landscapes, although he often called me a vagabond, because he could not drill me into picturesque attitudes. But the finest sport for me was to watch him creeping slily after a
Page 286 - It is so long ago that I almost forget his costume. All I recollect is, that he never wore boots or pantaloons, but exhibited his spindles in all weathers in worsted stockings, and his feet in shoes, gorgeously caparisoned in a pair of square silver buckles, the only pieces of finery he ever displayed. In the
Page 268 - the holidays? Christmas and New-year? Pray, what are they?" It is astonishing to see how people lose their memories abroad, sometimes. They often forget their old friends and old customs; and, occasionally, themselves. " Why, la! now, who'd have thought it ? " cried Mrs. Doubletrouble; "why, sure you haven't forgot the oly koeks and the
Page 267 - Well, my dear, suppose you suggest something; do now, Abby," at length said Amos, in a coaxing whisper ; " will you, my onydoney ? " " Ony fiddlestick! I wonder you repeat such vulgarisms. But if I must say what I should like, I should like to travel." " Well, let us go and make a tour as far as Jamaica,
Page 264 - What contributed to render this year still more remarkable was the building of six new three-story brick houses in the city, and the fact of three persons' setting up equipages, who, I cannot find, ever failed in business afterwards, or compounded with their creditors at a pistareen in the pound. It is,
Page 286 - everybody wondered how they could carry the great head. But, like Captain Wattle, each had a foot at the end of it, full as large as the Black Dwarf's. It is so long ago that I almost forget his costume. All I recollect is, that he never wore boots or pantaloons,
Page 292 - his return. About midnight she waked, but she saw not her beloved Cobus, nor heard his voice calling her to open the door. But she heard the raven, or something very like it, screaming from the Raven Rock, the foxes barking about the house, the wind whistling and moaning among the
Page 265 - But the most extraordinary thing of all was the confident assertion that there was but one gray mare within the bills of mortality; and, incredible as it may appear, she was the wife of a responsible citizen, who, it was affirmed, had grown rich by weaving velvet purses out of sows
Page 266 - would never have got together such a heap of money." When he had become worth ten thousand pounds, he launched his shuttle magnanimously out of the window, ordered his weaver's beam to be split up for oven-wood, and Mrs. Amos turned his weaver's shop into a boudoir. Fortune followed him faster than he ran away

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