The Windsor Magazine, Volume 4

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Ward, Lock and Bowden, Limited, 1896
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Page 309 - ... larger loads can be made up. Were the railway companies of the United Kingdom to combine to hand over the whole of their general goods and parcels traffic to a single firm or corporation of carrying agents, undoubtedly immense economies A LOAD OF HOPS, L. AND NWR A LOAD OF FISH EMPTIES, L. AND NWR might be effected ; but such a monopoly would not be tolerated by public opinion, unless it were under the strictest Government supervision or in the hands of a State department like the Post Office....
Page 156 - Mœris being directly in communication with the Nile, and only slightly above low Nile level, its discharge would depend entirely on the difference of level between it and the Nile, and consequently as the summer advanced, it would gradually fall and would not be able to give at the end of the summer a quarter of the discharge it could give at the beginning.
Page 216 - She thought of the dark plantation, And the hares, and her husband's blood, And the voice of her indignation Rose up to the throne of God.
Page 259 - stand off; otherwise, as I knew by experience, the abrupt halt he would make, and the flourish with which he placed the proof in his hand before me, would send the penful of ink -he always had a. full pen in his hand - flying over me. Driving or sometimes walking home to breakfast in his light attire plentifully besprinkled with ink, his spectacled face peeping out under an enormous, mushroom-shaped pith hat, Kipling was a quaint-looking object.
Page 259 - In the heat of summer white cotton trousers and a thin vest constituted his office attire, and by the day's end he was spotted all over like a Dalmatian dog. He had a habit of dipping his pen frequently and deep into the inkpot, and as all his movements were abrupt, almost jerky, the ink used to fly. When he darted into my room, as he used to do about one thing or another in connection with the contents of the paper about a dozen times in the morning, 1 had to shout to him to
Page 391 - ... capitalised at 4 per cent., would represent an investment of about 100,000,000, or something like one-tenth of the paid-up " railway " capital of the United Kingdom. Probably the total sum sunk by the companies in provision for carrying traffic by water is considerably larger than 100,000,000, as it is not likely that these undertakings, on the average, earn as much as 4 per cent. Indeed, it is generally supposed that the dock, harbour, shipping, and canal properties of our railway companies...
Page 47 - From all these hands we have such draughts of mankind as are represented in those burlesque pictures which the Italians call caricaturas ; where the art consists in preserving, amidst distorted proportions and aggravated features, some distinguishing likeness of the person, but in such a manner as to transform the most agreeable beauty into the most odious monster.
Page 78 - Your words, quoth the dragon, I don't understand ; Then to it they fell at all, Like two wild boars so fierce, if I may Compare great things with small. Two days and a night, with this dragon did fight Our champion on the ground | Tho' their strength it was great, their skill it was neat, They never had one wound.
Page 466 - She wanders lowing here and there, And yet she cannot stray, All in the pleasant open air, The pleasant light of day; And blown by all the winds that pass And wet with all the showers, She walks among the meadow grass And eats the meadow flowers.
Page 389 - ... The Taff Vale Company owns Penarth Dock and Harbour near Cardiff, and provides accommodation of a more or less extensive character at and in connection with the other ports which it serves. The Barry created Barry Dock, and its railways are practically an appendage of that remarkable coal-shipping centre. The Cardiff was a dock company before it was a railway company, and is at the present time the owner of only three miles of railway in addition to the Bute Docks, Cardiff, and the extensive...

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