Memorials of the Reign of King Henry VI.: Offical Correspondence of Thomas Bekynton, Secretary to King Henry VI, and Bishop of Bath and Wells ...

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Longman & Company, 1872 - Great Britain
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Page 311 - ANCIENT LAWS AND INSTITUTES OF ENGLAND ; comprising Laws enacted under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, from jEthelbirht to Cnut, with an English Translation of the Saxon ; the Laws called Edward the Confessor's ; the Laws of William the Conqueror, and those ascribed to Henry the First ; also, Monumenta...
Page 299 - The principal contents of the volumes are some diplomatic Papers of Richard III. ; correspondence between Henry VII. and Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain j documents relating to Edmund de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk ; and a portion of the correspondence of James IV. of Scotland. 25. LETTERS OF BISHOP GROSSETESTE, illustrative of the Social Condition of his Time.
Page ii - ON the 26th of January 1857, the Master of the Rolls submitted to the Treasury a proposal for the publication of materials for the History of this Country from the Invasion of the Romans to the Reign of Henry VIII. The Master of the Rolls suggested that these materials should be selected for publication under competent editors without reference to periodical or chronological arrangement, without mutilation or abridgment, preference being given, in the first instance, to such materials as were...
Page 298 - While Bishop of St. Asaph, he zealously defended his brother prelates from the attacks of those who censured the bishops for their neglect of duty. He maintained that it was no part of a bishop's functions to appear in the pulpit, and that his time might be more profitably spent, and his dignity better maintained, in the performance of works of a higher character. Among those who thought differently were the Lollards, and against their general doctrines the " Represser
Page 305 - is a compilation from much earlier sources, which are usually indicated with considerable care and precision. In many cases, however, the Hyde chronicler appears to correct, to qualify, or to amplify— either from tradition or from sources of information not now discoverable — the statements which, in substance, he adopts.
Page 295 - MONASTERII S. AUGUSTINI CANTUARIENSIS, by THOMAS OF ELMHAM, formerly Monk and Treasurer of that Foundation. Edited by CHARLES HARDWICK, MA, Fellow of St. Catharine's Hall, and Christian Advocate in the University of Cambridge.
Page iii - They expressed their approbation of the proposal that each Chronicle and historical document should be edited in such a manner as to represent with all possible correctness the text of each writer, derived from a collation of the best MSS., and that no notes should be added, except such as were illustrative of the various readings. They suggested, however, that the preface to each work should contain, in addition to the particulars proposed by the Master of the...
Page 314 - Its compilation was determined upon at Gloucester by William the Conqueror, in council, in order that he might know what was due to him, in the way of tax, from his subjects, and that each at the same time might know what he had to pay. It was compiled as much for their protection as for the benefit of the sovereign. The nobility and people had been grievously distressed at the time by the king bringing over large numbers of French and Bretons, and quartering them on his subjects, " each accord"...
Page 297 - TYWYSOGION ; or, The Chronicle of the Princes of Wales. Edited by the Rev. JOHN WILLIAMS AB ITHEL, MA 1860. This work, also known as " The Chronicle of the Princes of Wales," has been attributed to Caradoc of Llancarvan, who flourished about the middle of the twelfth century.
Page 301 - Egwin, about 690, to the year 1418. Its chief feature is an autobiography, which makes us acquainted with the inner daily life of a great abbey, such as but rarely has been recorded.

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