The Albanians: An Ethnic History from Prehistoric Times to the Present

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McFarland & Company, 1995 - History - 730 pages
Many Albanians, who are descended from the Illyrians and Pelasgians, trace their roots to Achilles and other heroes of the siege of Troy, and claim Alexander the Great as their own. During twelve consecutive periods of foreign domination, the ethnic identity of the Albanians has been constantly threatened, first by the Eastern and Western empires of Christendom, then by the Ottoman Turks, and most recently by Soviet and Chinese communists.
Present-day Albania is located between the former Yugoslavia and Greece on the western shore of the Balkan peninsula, and is the least known European country. As the last Turkish province in Europe it was tightly closed to foreigners over the centuries, and until recently the country was even more isolated by its postwar Communist regime. Historically described as mysterious and xenophobic, the people and the country are both little known to most westerners-but are destined to enter the world's consciousness situated as they are in the midst of explosive Balkan conflicts.
With the employment of Albanian, French, Italian and many other documentary sources, the roots of Albanian civilization, the struggle of the Albanians' to maintain their cultural and linguistic integrity, the impact of foreign influence on the country, and its recent move toward democracy are all detailed here.

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Pure speculation , biased and with no base with what modern linguists , historians and DNA experts know today. Zero ancient artifacts , zero proof . The ''Pelasgian'' theory has long been abandoned by scientific and academic circles because it lacks any evidence whatsoever . However it still persists with the Albanians because it gives them a ..false sense of importance.
Where are the written documents , or books , literature or any achievements of the Albanian people?
The first known mention of them as Albanians is at around the 11th century and their oldest known book written at their language is from 1462.
Everybody who is nobody in the Balkans is trying to create some ''ancient history'' some ''credibility'' , in order to escape obscurity as a nation .
Same like the so called ''Macedonians'' from Skopje , who are Slavs , came to the Balkans during the 7th century AD and have no relation whatsoever with Alexander the Great or the ancient Macedonians . No similarities in language , culture , history , origins , nothing.
If the Albanians are the oldest peoples in the Balkans as they claim , where is their civilization? theis achievements as a nation? their contribution to humanity? ..exactly.

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The Abanians, an ethnic history of E Jacques contemporany is the best book on history of Albanians. Albanians are descended from the older Pelasgians, oldest populations identiphicated in the world till during the Paleolit with their supreme god Zeus. After Bronze Age from the Pelasgians developed Ilians, Dardanians, Macedonians, Thracians, Dacian, Hittite in the Anadoll etc. with their language, wchich is originated from the Pelasgian one. Today are studied many Pelasgian, Illyrian, Thracian, Macedonian inscriptions wchich can be read with the help of the Albanian language only. The language is the major document wchich testify that Albanians are descendents of the Pelasgians, Illyrians, Macedonians, Thracians, Epirrotes, Hittites atc. This is the reason whyi the Albanian claim Achilles, Homer, Alexander the Great, Pyrro of Epirus as their own. Luftlla Peza  

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