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In BREATHLESS, Dean Koontz shows his fans why he is such a brilliant storyteller. His imagination moves even the stoic naysayer, and his exploration of the paranormal is a literary event in itself in this tale that weaves together many seemingly unrelated stories of terror, hardship and agony. BREATHLESS begins in rural Colorado with an unassuming character named Grady Adams and his dog, Merlin ... Read full review

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Read the blurb of my husband's copy, and decided to read the book. Shouldn't have. I expected some sciency SF, but it was just a thriller. And it wasn't all that thrilling - reading about all the ... Read full review

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I have enjoyed all Dean Koontz books except this one !
The plot was disjointed and ultimately unfathomable.
I was left thinking that Dean wrote this in a hurry, or just couldn't be bothered to
much effort into it.
The part of the plot concerning the twin brothers seemed
unconnected to the main plotline which itself was vague.
Although disappointed with this one, 77 Shadow Street was more like the real
Dean Koontz.

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5 of 5 stars for the audio book Breathless by Dean Koontz. I always enjoy Koontz's work and specially enjoy the large number of characters introduced with deep details and back-story. This story is no different. Mid-way in the book, things start to get a bit, ah, odd. Breathless has a very simple storyline and it is easy to understand and follow, but, it is just odd; real sci-fi. Being careful to not spoil the simple surprises in the story, I do have to say that Riddle and Puzzle are my two favorite characters and they are welcome at my house anytime. Highly recommended book! 

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My first Koontz book and I really liked it, however, I was disappointed with the ending. The book was moving in one direction with the tone and it took a curve at the ending, almost like it was too far fetched. I know Dean Koontz is all about horror stories and this wasn't a horror story, but I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. I read it mostly on an airplane, and it took me 2 whole days of speed reading to finally calm my "suspense thrill" nerves. It is hard to put down once you get into the book. 

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