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I'm a keen gardener and had caught a little of an interview, I'm sure it was on Gardener's World, with a down to earth experienced gardener than swore by gardening by the moon and had done for years. It caught my attention and ever since I had been looking for advice on how to do this. [In Tune with the Moon 2012] is a treasure and provides all the information I need in an easy straightforward manner. I spent a couple of days working through the book and getting to grips with how to use the calendar (I couldn't garden - it was snowing! in April!) and soon became familiar with how to use it. I then noted the best days to do various tasks. I have now planted summer bulbs when the moon was in constellation with Libra, I am trying to achieve a greener healthier moss free lawn and have fertilized (when moon is descending and waxing) and aerated (when moon is ascending) and look forward to the results. I also for some reason feel more relaxed and in tune with my garden. There are certain days when cultivation of the soil is not good (when the moon is at it's perigee and closest to the earth) so those are days to sit relax, reflect and enjoy the rewards. I'd recommend this to anyone who is interested in gardening with the natural rhythm of the earth.

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