Manual of Plane Geometry, on the Heuristic Plan: With Numerous Extra Exercises, Both Theorems and Problems, for Advance Work

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D.C. Health, 1891 - Geometry, Plane - 179 pages
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Page 38 - PERIPHERY of a circle is its entire bounding line ; or it is a curved line, all points of which are equally distant from a point within called the centre.
Page 78 - In any triangle, the square of the side opposite an acute angle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides, minus twice the product of one of these sides and the projection of the other side upon it.
Page 183 - Colton's Practical Zoology. Gives a clear idea of the subject as a whole, by the careful study of a few typical animals.
Page 183 - Modern Petrography. An account of the application of the microscope to the study of geology. Paper. 25 cts. For elementary works see our list of books in Elementary Science. DC HEATH & CO., PUBLISHERS.
Page 81 - In any triangle, the product of two sides is equal to the product of the segments of the third side formed by the bisector of the opposite angle plus the square of the bisector.
Page 181 - Special features of this work are its division into half-yearly chapters instead of the arrangement by topics; the omission, as far as possible, of rules and definitions ; the great number and variety of the problems; the use of the equation in solution of arithmetical problems; and the introduction of the elements of algebra and geometry.
Page 182 - Half leather. 85 cts. Hunt's Concrete Geometry for Grammar Schools. The definitions and elementary concepts are to be taught concretely, by much measuring, by the making of models and diagrams by the pupil, as suggested by the text or by his own invention.
Page 182 - HanUs's Geometry in the Grammar Schools. An essay, together with illustrative class exercises and an outline of the work for the last three years of the grammar school.
Page 3 - A plane rectilineal angle is the inclination of two straight lines to one another, which meet together, but are not in the same straight line.
Page 80 - In any quadrilateral, the sum of the squares of the four sides is equal to the sum of the squares of the diagonals plus four times the square of the line joining the middle points of the diagonals.

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