World Christian Trends, AD 30-AD 2200: Interpreting the Annual Christian Megacensus, Volume 1

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William Carey Library, Jan 1, 2001 - Religion - 934 pages
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It may be remembered that in exercise of powers conferred under Holy Quranic verses 17
and 28:59,we are sending the following messages that the Holy Quran and Islamic community
are not false for the following reasons:[English Quranic verses are available in the website]
1.under the Holy Quranic verses 43:63and 43:64,Our Jesus said that:
43:63. When Jesus came
With Clear Signs, he said:
"Now have I come
To you with Wisdom,
And in order to make
Clear to you some
Of the (points) on which
Ye dispute: therefore fear God
And obey me.
43:64. "For God, He is my Lord
And your Lord: so worship
Ye Him: this is
A Straight Way.
43:65. But sects from among
Themselves fell into disagreement:
Then woe to the wrong-doers,
From the Penalty
Of a Grievous Day!
43:66. Do they only wait
For the Hour—that it
Should come on them
All of a sudden,
While they perceive not?
2.under the Holy Quranic verse 5:82 it is revealed that:
5:13. But because of their breach
Of their Covenant, We
Cursed them, and made
Their hearts grow hard:
They change the words
From their (right) places
And forget a good part
Of the Message that was
Sent them, nor wilt thou
Cease to find them
Barring a few—ever
Bent on (new) deceits:
But forgive them, and overlook
(Their misdeeds): for God
Loveth those who are kind.
5:14. From those, too, who call
Themselves Christians,
We did take a Covenant,
But they forgot a good part
Of the Message that was
Sent them: so We estranged
Them, with enmity and hatred
Between the one and the other,
To the Day of Judgment.
5:82. Strongest among men in enmity
To the Believers wilt thou
Find the Jews and Pagans;
And nearest among them in love
To the Believers wilt thou
Find those who say,
"We are Christians":
Because amongst these are
Men devoted to learning
And men who have renounced
The world, and they
Are not arrogant.
3.under the Holy Quranic verses 57:27 and 57:28 it is further revealed that:
57:27. Then, in their wake,
We followed them up
With (others of) Our apostles:
We sent after them
Jesus the son of Mary,
And bestowed on him
The Gospel; and We ordained
In the hearts of those
Who followed him
Compassion and Mercy.
But the Monasticism
Which they invented
For themselves, We did not
Prescribe for them:
(We commanded) only
The seeking for the Good
Pleasure of God; but that
They did not foster
As they should have done.
Yet We bestowed, on those
Among them who believed,
Their (due) reward, but
Many of them are
Rebellious transgressors.
57:28. O ye that believe!
Fear God, and believe
In His Apostle, and He will
Bestow on you a double
Portion of His Mercy:
He will provide for you
A Light by which ye
Shall walk (straight
In your path), and He
Will forgive you (your past):
For God is Oft-Forgiving,
Most Merciful:
4.under the Holy Quranic verse 5:116 what happens at the Day Of Ressurection

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