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A romance/investigation debut novel set firmly in the spiritual aftermath of WWI.Maisie Dobbs, recently turned private investigator in 1929 England, had been a nurse back during the war to end all wars, so she knows about wounds—both those to the body and those to the soul. It's just a month after she sets up shop that she gets her first interesting case: What initially looks like just another ... Read full review

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A fun mystery, although the writing is a little amateurish. The story became more interesting toward the end. I wonder if the writing and pacing improved in subsequent novels. I might try another, being the Anglophile that I am. Read full review

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I one hundred percent am not giving this a remotely fair chance, and I know that. I read a few pages and was totally bored, and I can't even remember why I wanted to read it except that people talk ... Read full review

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User Review  - MaureenCean - LibraryThing

This is really 3.5. Thought it was kind of blah starting out, and then found the transition to her earlier life in the middle of the book to be somewhat abrupt, but it really picked up and finished strong and interesting. Will continue with the series. Read full review

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User Review  - olduvai - LibraryThing

’ve been wanting to meet Maisie Dobbs for a while now. But with a series that has been running for a while now (9 books since 2003!), I felt a little intimidated. So many books! Was I too late to ... Read full review

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Fascinating, compassionate, heart-wrenching, beautiful. I love Maisie the girl, the nurse, the lover, the independent investigator, but most of all, the compassionate woman. I love Maurice who ... Read full review

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User Review  - bereanna - LibraryThing

First in the series, this detective story is set in 1920-29 Envland and involves WWI maimed veterans who are involved in what turns out to be a cultish leader. I love the clear language, depth and not ... Read full review

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Maisie Dobbs is the first book in the Maisie Dobbs series by British-born American author, Jacqueline Winspear. The story starts in 1929, when thirty-two-year-old Maisie is setting up her own private investigation business. She has taken over the business of her mentor, Maurice Blanche, and is supported by her patron, Lady Rowan Compton and the very capable office caretaker, Billy Beale. Her first client is convinced his wife is being unfaithful: an easy case to solve, but it leads Maisie into a very different investigation, partly out of curiosity, and partly on behalf of Lady Compton. The novel is divided into three parts, with the middle section describing Maisie’s life from her early teens through her involvement in the Great War, a history that proves very relevant to her investigation. Winspear has created a fascinating heroine: clever, wise, considerate, philosophical, with a good knowledge of psychology and a strong intuitive endowment. Alexander McCall Smith describes Maisie Dobbs as “a real gift”. In this novel, Winspear touches on desertion, “shell shock” (perhaps better known these days as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), cowardice, disfiguring injuries and adjusting to post-war life. Maisie Dobbs was a nominee for Best Novel in the Edgar Award 2004. This historical mystery is a moving and thought-provoking read. 

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User Review  - tangledthread - LibraryThing

Listened to the first story in this series and really enjoyed it. Read full review

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This is the book that made me obsessed not only with Maisie Dobbs, but female spy novels in general. Read full review

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