History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages, Volume 7, Issue 2

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G. Bell & sons, 1900 - Rome

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Page 490 - BALAN, title of Caesar Borgia of France, by the Grace of God Duke of the Romagna and of Valencia and Urbino, Prince of Andria, Lord of Piombino, Standard-bearer and General-inChief of the Church.* When the Pope heard of the conquest of Camerino he was " almost beside himself with joy," writes the Venetian Envoy, Antonio Giustinian.
Page 586 - Oblectat me, Roma, tuas spectare ruinas: Ex cujus lapsu gloria prisca patet. Sed tuus hic populus muris defossa vetustis Calcis in obsequium marmora dura coquit. Impia tercentum si sic gens egerit annos Nullum hinc indicium nobilitatis erit.
Page 418 - June 16 : cussi il papa e facto piscatore del figlio. was pierced by nine wounds on head, body and thighs, a fatal wound was in the neck. His hands were tied together and a purse containing thirty ducats was found upon him.1 The body was taken in a boat to S. Angelo, where the dead was clad in the robes of a general...
Page 522 - Valenza, e per aver riposo portato fu fra l'anime beate lo spirto d'Alessandro glorioso: del qual sequirno le sante pedate tre sue familiari e care ancelle, lussuria, simonia e crudeltate. 3 Ma come furno in Francia le novelle, Ascanio Sforza, quella volpe astuta, con parole suavi, ornate e belle a Roan persuase la venuta d'Italia, promettendogli l'ammanto che salir a
Page 549 - Templa, domum expositis, vices, fora, mcenia, pontes, Virgineam Trivii quod repararis aquam, Prisca licet nautis statuas dare commoda portus Et Vaticanum cingere, Sixte, jugum, Plus tamen urbs debet, nam quae squalore latebat Cernitur in celebri Bibliotheca loco '. Pius II.
Page 553 - Aspicis illustris lector quicunque libellos, Si cupis artificum nomina nosse: lege. Aspera ridebis cognomina Teutona: forsan Mitiget ars musis inscia verba virum. Conradus Svveynheym, Arnoldus Pannartzque Magistri Romae impresserunt talia multa simul.
Page 592 - ... le cadeau de cent florins d'or assigné par le pape Sixte IV aux Conservateurs de Rome pour assurer le transfert et la mise en place, dans leur palais capitolin, de « la louve d'airain » qui jusqu'alors était restée au Latran : Urbis conservatoribus florenos auri de camera centum exponendos per ipsos in fabrica loci in quo statuenda est apud eorum palatium lapa aenea qaae hactenus eral apud S.
Page 518 - ... os apertum et adeo horribile quod nemo viderit unquam vel esse tale dixerit.
Page 568 - Blood of Christ,' he wrote also a work in behalf of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin, and a logical 1 Ep. lx., in Rosmini, Vita di Filelfo. ' Et quod maximi omnium faciendum videtur mihi, incredibilis quaedam hie libertas est.' 2 Rosmini, Vita di Filelfo, ii., No. Ixviii. 3 He was the father of twenty-four children, twelve boys and twelve girls. When he died his youngest daughter was ten years old ; only five of this numerous family survived him. SIXTUS IV. AND THE MENDICANT ORDERS. 129 work,...

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