Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge, Volume 36

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American Philosophical Society., 1897 - Learned institutions and societies
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Page 306 - 0. Prof. Theodor Tschernyschew, St. Petersburg. Prof. A. Karpinsky, St. Petersburg. Theodore N. Ely, Philadelphia. Dr. Hays offered the following resolution : That a Committee of five be appointed by the Chair to consider and report upon the present status of the
Page 11 - 1 . Subgenital plate of male short and broad, its apical breadth equal to or surpassing the length of its lateral margin (Texanus series). /'. Tegmina widely separated, lateral ; interspace between mesosternal lobes of male more than twice as long as broad ; furcula consisting of a pair of exceptionally broad and short plates
Page 91 - sea weeds, the marks of which are so infinitely numerous in the rocks, and with the infinitude of coralloid sea animals, the skeletons: of which make up a large part of the limestone formations which lie several thousand feet beneath the Venango oil-sand group." The same view was held by the late CA Ashburner, of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. Prof. Edward
Page 20 - Distal half of male cerei much less than half as broad as the extreme base ; interspace between mesosternal lobes of male nearly or quite twice as long as broad ; tegmina usually surpassing the hind femora. A 1 . Pronotum marked above with light carinal streaks on a dark ground; tegmina dark olivaceous green ... .plumbeus.
Page 305 - Committee of three be appointed by the President to consider and report on the advisability of offering to cooperate on behalf of this Society with the Royal Society of England in the preparation of an International Catalogue Raisonné of all scientific publications,
Page 15 - lobes of furcula not exceptionally broad ; subgenital plate greatly but not excessively prolonged. »*. Interspace between mesosternal lobes of male more than twice as long as broad ; of female a little longer than broad ; male cerei more than twice as long as broad , apical margin of subgenital plate, as seen from behind, subtruncate bruneri.
Page 15 - generally by much less than that ; prozona of male quadrate or very feebly transverse ; cerei of male generally almost or quite twice as long as broad. A 1 . Cerei of male regularly subfalciform, by both margins being uniformly and distinctly curved rather than bent, and more than twice as long as median breadth
Page 135 - the possession of this Society, and whether its historic importance renders desirable its reproduction by the Society. Adopted. THE INSULATING MEDIUM SURROUNDING A CONDUCTOR THE REAL PATH OF ITS CURRENT. BY EDWIN J. HOUSTON, PH.D., AND AE KENNELLY, SC.D. (Read March 19,
Page 38 - sandstone surface of the high region, overspread with a sandy, coarse and sterile soil, is often flat for miles. Then again it is rolling and diversified with hills and shallow valleys. In the northeastern part there are high ridges containing many beds of coal, which may be regarded as mountains on a table-land. See Elementary Geology of
Page 24 - Small species; interspace between mesosternal lobes of male more than twice as long as broad ; of female quadrate ; median portion of male cerei cylindrical, not compressed alpinus. g'. Very small species ; interspace between mesosternal lobes of male half as long again as broad ; of female transverse ; median portion of male

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