The Melting of Molly

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Bobbs-Merrill, 1912 - 200 pages
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Page 148 - I have been in the hospital for almost 2 months now, and don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for this concern, and Gertrude Wright.
Page 189 - Humph," she said as we went up the front steps, "I'll be glad when you are married and settled, Molly Carter, so the rest of this town can quiet down into peace once more, and I sincerely hope every woman under fifty in Hillsboro 189 who is already married will stay in that state until she reaches that age.
Page 3 - UP his buttons. Billy claims everything in this garden, and he thought they would grow up into the kind of buttons you pop out of a gun. "So you're digging up the bachelorpops, Mrs. Molly?" the doctor asked as he leaned over the gate. I went right on Digging without looking up at him. I couldn't look up because I was blushing still worse. Sometimes I hate that man, and if he wasn't Billy's father I wouldn't neighbor with him as I do.
Page 3 - I believe it will be a real relief to write down how I feel about him in his old book and I shall do it whenever I can't stand him any longer, and if he gave the horrid, red leather thing to me to make me miserable, he can't do it; not this spring! I wish I dared burn it up and forget about it, but I don't! This record on the first 3 page is enough to reduce me — to tears, and I wonder why it doesn't.
Page 19 - And, too, occasionally some man comes along from the big world and marries a plump little broiler and takes her away with him, but mostly they stay and go to hovering life on a corner of the family estate. That's what I did. I was a poor, little, lost chick with frivolous tendencies and they all clucked me over into this empty Carter nest which they considered well- feathered for me.
Page 101 - I've got myself into trouble about writing things besides records in it. He looked at me this morning as coolly as if I was just anybody and said: "I would like to see that record now, Mrs. Molly. It seems to me you are about as slim as you want to be. How did you tip the scales last time you weighed, and have you noticed any trouble at all with your...
Page 194 - And I'm frightened to death, with nobody but you to run to. Hide me quick ! He's fat and I hate him!" I was that deadly cold you can get when fear runs into your very marrow and congeals the blood in your arteries. "Quick, quick!
Page 189 - It would be fun for her and then we could have peace and apparently as much happiness as we are going to have anyway. Mrs. Johnson seemed to be in somewhat the same state of mind as I found myself. "Humph...
Page 105 - I can't help Judge Wade's sending me flowers and Tom's sitting on my front steps night and day. I'm not strong enough to carry him away and murder him. I am perfectly miserable...
Page 5 - John's office to tell him 5 about it ; but I ought not to have been agitated enough to let him take the letter right out of my hand and read it. "So after ten years Al Bennett is coming back to pop his bachelor's-buttons at you, Mrs. Molly?

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