The Mean Density of the Earth: An Essay to which the Adams Prize was Adjudged in 1893 in the University of Cambridge

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C. Griffin, Limited, 1894 - Astronomy - 156 pages
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Page 52 - GENERAL CONTENTS.— Introduction. — Water Supply: Drinking Water, Pollution of Water. — Ventilation and Warming. — Principles of Sewage Removal. — Details of Drainage : Refuse Removal and Disposal. — Sanitary and Insanitary Work and Appliances. — Details of .Plumbers
Page 56 - The most complete, as well as elegant and correct edition of Virgil ever published in this country.
Page 32 - The Micro-Structure of Metals and Alloys. — Economic Considerations. " No English text-book at all approaches this in the COMPLETENESS with which the most modern views on the subject are dealt with. Professor Austen's volume will be INVALUABLE, not only to the student, but also to those whose knowledge of the art is far advanced.
Page 27 - PROFESSOR SEELEY maintains in his ' PHYSICAL GEOLOGY ' the high reputation he already deservedly bears as a Teacher.
Page 34 - Heaters— Steam Pipes — Water : Composition, Purification— Prevention of Scale, &c., &c. "The Section on Heat is one of the best and most lucid ever written."— Engineer.
Page 35 - Leather. 8s. 6d. A POCKET-BOOK OF MARINE ENGINEERING RULES AND TABLES, FOR THE USE OF Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Designers, Draughtsmen, Superintendents and Others. BY AE...
Page 15 - There is no question that, given the PERFECT GROUNDING of the Student in his Science, the remainder comes afterwards to him in a manner much more simple and easily acquired. The work is AN EXAMPLE OF THE ADVANTAGES OF THE SYSTEMATIC TREATMENT of a Science over the fragmentary style so generally followed. BY A LONG WAY THE BEST of the small Manuals for Students.
Page 17 - GRIFFIN (John Joseph, FCS) : CHEMICAL RECREATIONS: A Popular Manual of Experimental Chemistry. With 540 Engravings of Apparatus. Tenth Edition. Crown 4to. Cloth. Part I. — Elementary Chemistry, 2/. Part II. — The Chemistry of the Non-Metallic Elements, including a Comprehensive Course of Class Experiments, 10/6.
Page 25 - A TREATISE ON ELECTRO-METALLURGY: Embracing the Application of Electrolysis to the Plating, Depositing, Smelting, and Refining of various Metals, and to the Reproduction of Printing Surfaces and Art- Work, &c.
Page 37 - Step by step the learner is here gently guided through the paths of science, made easy by the perfect knowledge of the teacher, and made flowery by the most striking and curious experiments. Well adapted to become the TREASURED FBIEND of many a bright and promising lad.

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