THE SELF-AWARE UNIVERSE: How Consciousness Creates the Material World

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Goswami (Physics/University of Oregon; coauthor, The Cosmic Dancers, 1983) uses quantum physics to promote monistic idealism- -the theory that both matter and mind have their origin in consciousness. The villain here is materialism—the teaching that everything is comprised of atoms—and its tag-along doctrines of locality (that interactions between objects occur in local space-time), strong ... Read full review

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"Amit Goswami steps the reader through a history of the discovery and analysis of quantum physics in his quest to explain how modern Western scientific research has disavowed consciousness to its (science's) detriment. By posing the accepted contemporary thought process against logic unconfined by strict experiential assumptions, Goswami scripts a new paradigm that points physics toward a refreshingly new model of the universe where consciousness and not matter is seen as the essence of reality." 

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