Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis: A Practical Guide

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An introduction and explanation of pragmatic methods and techniques for reliability and risk studies, and a discussion of their uses and limitations. It features computer software that illustrates numerous examples found in the book, offering to help engineers and students solve problems. There is a module on Bayesian estimation. The computer disk is written in Visual Basic and is compatible with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

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Reliability Analysis in Perspective
Basic Reliability Mathematics Review of Probability and Statistics
Elements of Component Reliability
System Reliability Analysis
Reliability and Availability of Repairable Items
Selected Topics in Reliability Modeling
Selected Topics in Reliability Data Analysis
Risk Analysis

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Page v - Human Resources Management, edited by Jill P Kern, John J. Riley, and Louis N. Jones 13. The Good and the Bad News About Quality, Edward M Schrock and Henry L. Lefevre 14. Engineering Design for Producibility and Reliability, John W Priest 15.
Page x - The modern approach to quality and reliability concerns excellence: excellence when the product is designed, excellence when the product is made, excellence as the product is used, and excellence throughout its lifetime. But excellence does not result without effort, and products and services of superior quality and reliability require an appropriate combination of statistical, engineering, management, and motivational effort. This effort can be directed for maximum benefit only in light of timely...
Page ix - It is a forum in which the subject matter of these various areas can be brought together to allow for effective integration of appropriate techniques. This will promote the true benefit of each, which can be achieved only through their interaction. In this sense, the whole of quality and reliability is greater than the sum of its parts, as each element augments the others. The contributors to this series have been encouraged to discuss fundamental concepts as well as methodology, technology, and...
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