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Want to know how evil invades peaceful society today? Read this book.
Want to know why bad marriages are the norm, and how they differ from good marriages? Read this book.
Want to know how idiotic
sinners are redeemed by Grace, and evil geniuses are destroyed by their masters? Read this book.
Want a thumping good plot, complete with intelligence, suspense, immense cultural depth, humour and unforgettable characters? Read this book.
Enough said. You get the idea. There is simply no-one to touch C.S.Lewis for breadth and depth of knowledge plus pure, good-humoured, witty, perspicacious genius.

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I read this book regularly, together with Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra, and am always blown away by it's quality. It is only difficult in the sense that there is so much depth that one can feel lost in the depth of the various themes that flow through it. Lewis works out most of his life themes in an eternally refreshing way, whether the nature of marriage and Nature itself, the strategies of manipulation exploited by Inner Ringers, the unavoidable implications of abandoning absolute values, the joy of life, the relevance of myth... I cannot recommend it too highly. It is scary, but there's redemption, and wonderful humour. 

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Taking full advantage of the tricks of the sci-fi genre, this Lewis classic delivers a fascinating social commentary along with sizzle and a sense of wonder.

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Brilliant writing. Fabulous book. It is different from the other two in the series, but it makes more sense if you read Lewis' "The Discarded Image" first. "The Discarded Image" discusses Medieval theology, symbols and beliefs, most of which are referenced and elaborated on in "That Hideous Strength." I'd really recommend reading the two around the same time as they go well together and compliment each other really well. 

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