Debates in the House of Commons in 1625

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Page 57 - We are not engaged," he said, " to give for the recovery of the Palatinate. For when it was in the Act of Parliament, as it was first penned, it was struck out by the order of the House, as a thing unfit to engage the House for the recovery of the Palatinate, and if possible, yet not without great charge and difficulty.
Page xii - Charles went out of his way to swear his marriage, that, ' whensoever it should please God to bestow upon him any lady that were Popish, she should have no further liberty but for her own family, and no advantage to the recusants at home.
Page ix - Mr. Alford. He holdeth we are njt engaged to give for the recovery of the Palatinate; for when it was in the Act of Parliament as it was first penned, it was strucken out by order of the House, as a thing unfit to engage the House for the recovery of the Palatinate: and, if possible, not without great charge and difficulty.*' — Comment
Page xi - Pembroke was captain, and he may very likely have received and petitions, instructions from him both now and in the preceding Parliament. b In the Journals, Rudyerd is followed by Sir J. Eliot. " No particular or private business to be entertained. A special Committee to regulate the business of this House." Mr. Forster (Sir J. Eliot, i. 245) introduces Pym as unexpectedly asking, after Rudyerd sat down, "what, in the event of the Committee for Grievances being dispensed with for the present, they...
Page 33 - ... states doe in their counsells leave as litle as maybe to chance : if this designe be not soe, then is it no honor to set out that which will bring us a hazardous retorne. 2. Necessity in every Parliament a pressinge argument, and on of those thinges which can never be satisfyed. If his Majestie's honor be in question, and he in such necessity, they who have brought him to this streight have dishoncrd the Kinge, and if they have soe ill disposd of the Kinge and the state as that he cannot furnish...
Page 35 - Who will bringe up his sonne in learninge when mony is the way to preferment. The price of a sergeant is as knowen as the price of a calfe; and they which buy deare must certainelye sell deare.
Page xii - ' mamtenance. • The charge against Dr. Anyan was subsequently omitted, doubtless as being included in the petition of 1624, to which an answer was still expected. b This subsequently became, " to advise the Bishops, by fatherly treatment and tender usage, to reduce to the peaceable and orderly service of the Church such able ministers as have been formerly silenced, that there may be a profitable use of their ministry in these needful and dangerous times.
Page 42 - PHILLIPS. It is not fit to repose the safty of the kingdome upon those that have not parts answerable to their places. A Committee was appoynted to consider of these complaynts, and to frame a petition, upon which wee might joyne with the Lordes.

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