Reminiscences of Famous Georgians: Embracing Episodes and Incidents in the Lives of the Great Men of the State, Volume 2

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Franklin-Turner Company, 1908 - American literature
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Page 686 - Liberty first, and Union afterwards; but everywhere spread all over in characters of living light, blazing on all its ample folds, as they float over the sea and over the land, and in every wind under the whole heavens, that other sentiment...
Page 610 - I believe the hour is come. My judgment approves this measure, and my whole heart is in it. All that I have, and all that I am, and all that I hope, in this life, I am now ready here to stake upon it; and I leave off as I began, that live or die, survive or perish, I am for the Declaration.
Page 606 - I shall correct the procedure ; but that done, return with joy to that state of things, when the only questions concerning a candidate shall be, is he honest ? Is he capable ? Is he faithful to the Constitution ? I tender you the homage of my high respect.
Page 676 - Hyperion's curls, the front of Jove himself, An eye like Mars, to threaten and command, A station like the herald Mercury New-lighted on a heaven-kissing hill, A combination and a form indeed, Where every god did seem to set his seal, To give the world assurance of a man.
Page 581 - THIS world is all a fleeting show, For man's illusion given; The smiles of joy, the tears of woe, Deceitful shine, deceitful flow, — There's nothing true but Heaven! And false the light on glory's plume, As fading hues of even; And love, and hope, and beauty's bloom Are blossoms gathered for the tomb, — There's nothing bright but Heaven! Poor wanderers of a stormy day, From wave to wave we're driven, And fancy's flash and reason's ray Serve but to light the troubled way, — There's nothing calm...
Page 581 - Is hallowed down to earth's profound, And up to Heaven! For time makes all but true love old; The burning thoughts that then were told Run molten still in memory's mould; And will not cool Until the heart itself be cold In Lethe's pool.
Page 580 - But strew his ashes to the wind Whose sword or voice has served mankind, — And is he dead, whose glorious mind Lifts thine on high? — To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die.
Page 679 - I thought of its tremendous significance, of the armies and the treasury, and the judges and the President, and the Congress and the courts, and all that was gathered there ; and I felt that the sun in all its course could not look down on a better sight than that majestic home of a republic that has taught the world its best lessons of liberty.
Page 684 - For woman is not undevelopt man, But diverse : could we make her as the man, Sweet Love were slain: his dearest bond is this, Not like to like, but like in difference. Yet in the long years liker must they grow; The man be more of woman, she of man; He gain in sweetness and in moral height, Nor lose the wrestling thews that throw the world; She mental breadth, nor fail in childward care, Nor lose the childlike in the larger mind; Till at the last she set herself to man, Like perfect music unto noble...
Page 177 - Oh, yes; I'll see you a fair fight, blast my old shoes if I don't!" "That's sufficient, as Tom Haynes said when he saw the elephant. Now let him come ! " Thus they went on, with countless oaths interspersed, which I dare not even hint at, and with much that I could not distinctly hear. In mercy's name, thought I, what band of ruffians has selected this holy season and this heavenly retreat for such pandemoniac riots!

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