Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 2

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Page 222 - Translated under the direction of Dr. Louis Duncan, with additions by Dr. Louis Duncan, CP Stetnmetz, A..
Page 101 - LET it be granted that a straight line may be drawn from any one point to any other point.
Page 28 - THE HARPUR EUCLID. An Edition of Euclid's Elements revised in accordance with the Reports of the Cambridge Board of Mathematical Studies and the Oxford Board of the Faculty of Natural Science. By...
Page 156 - ... homogeneous group can be generated by an infinitesimal transformation of the special linear homogeneous group , shows that not every subgroup of the general projective group is continuous, as was apparently assumed by Lie. In this paper the author terms a transformation of an r-parameter group Gr that cannot be generated by the repetition of an infinitesimal transformation of this group a "singular transformation
Page 293 - With a Short Description of the Construction of a Battleship. Compiled for the Use of Junior Students of Marine Engineering.
Page 27 - A Geometrical Treatment of Curves which are isogonal conjugate to a straight line with respect to a triangle.
Page 159 - That is to say, if we designate a substitution of the orthogonal group as of the first or second kind according as it is or is not the second power of a...
Page 64 - I have always liked Charles Smith's Algebra, and the new edition contains a good many improvements, and seems to me an excellent work. The use of the book in schools preparing for Harvard College would be satisfactory to our Mathematical Department. I have already privately recommended it to teachers who have consulted me.
Page 57 - Year-Book of the Scientific and Learned Societies of Great Britain and Ireland...
Page 292 - Cloth. $no, net. This is an elementary work on Geometry, brief and interesting, well conceived, and well written. — School of Mines Quarterly. THE ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRY. By GEORGE CUNNINGHAM EDWARDS, Associate Professor of Mathematics in the University of California. i6mo. Cloth. $1.10, net. PROF. JOHN F. DOWNEY, University of Minnesota : —There is a gain in its being less formal than many of the works on this subject. The arrangement and treatment are such as to develop in the student ability...

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