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Hard Love

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My daughter loves this book. She has read it many times from the school library and finally after the school offering to sell it to me used for $20 I decided to just purchase it for her. She was very happy and has read it again! Read full review

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I really loved this book. the forbidden love is what made me love to the I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!! i read alot of books and moost of the books i read never come close to this book. the samples of zines in the book are really funny and yet sad i really enjoyed this book and recommended it to 3 of my friends and they alll loved it and i would recommend it to anyone who likes forbiden love novels and wouldnt mind that she is a lesbain 

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This was one of the best books i have read in along time, i read it about 6 years ago because my mom gave it to me. Af first i didn't like it but after i read it all the way through, it blew my mind. I was shocked, and it inspired me to look carefully before i fall in love with someone, not to be guarded, but open. i haven't fallen yet, but when i do it will be awesome. This book is great, i recommend it to anyone going through a hard time with their close friends or family because it lets you know that you are loved by those people even if they are having a problem. 5 STARS FOR ME. This was a Great read.  

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