The Year-book of Treatment, Volume 1890

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Lea Brothers., 1890 - Medicine
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Page 230 - Its edge may be felt, and has the shape of the segment of a circle ; within the circle all is obscure to the touch ; outside the circle the head or other part of the child is plainly felt. Impulses to the head are not clearly felt through the placenta; impulses to the head through the placenta are distinctly felt at the spot from which the placenta is absent. The same applies to combined vaginal and abdominal examination.
Page 236 - This operation, I venture to predict, will revolutionize the obstetric art, and in two years we shall hear no more of craniotomy and eviscerations, for this new method will save more lives than these proceedings do, and it is far easier of performance. It is the easiest operation in abdominal surgery, and every country practitioner ought to be able and always prepared to do it.
Page 236 - I pass a piece of rubber drainage tube (without any holes in it) as a loop over the fundus uteri, and bring it down so as to encircle the cervix, taking care -that it does not include a loop of intestine. I then make a single hitch and draw it tight around the cervix, so as to completely stop the circulation.
Page 281 - Barker believes the centre of the dangerous area to be situated at a point an inch and a quarter behind the centre of the external auditory meatus, and the same distance above Reid's base line.
Page 133 - ... lids, and there is a danger of pus squirting out suddenly when they are opened. Whoever dresses the eye should be warned of this. After the conjunctiva has been thoroughly irrigated with boric lotion, a few drops of a 2 per cent, silver solution are instilled into the eye. The bathing should be done every hour during the day and. every two hours at night. The silver solution is used twice a day during the height of the disease and once a day thereafter. Cold wet compresses may be indicated during...
Page 85 - Nearly all cases of acute nephritis pass through the stage of intermittent albuminuria, in their progress towards convalescence ; and, on the other hand, the majority of cases of intermittent albuminuria may be traced back to a more or less -remote attack of acute nephritis.
Page 236 - ... this being that should there be any bleeding and any necessity for further constriction, I could secure this in a moment, without undoing any knot, and the simplicity of this method greatly commends it. I then make a small opening in the uterus, and enlarge it by tearing with my two forefingers, seize the child by a foot and remove it. I then remove the placenta, and by that time the uterus has completely contracted, and is easily drawn through the wound in the abdominal wall. The constricting...
Page 202 - There is no real evidence that the disease ever is or ever has been cured, the word disease being used here to designate that which causes the various manifestations of the malady. The statement that "syphilis is an incurable disease...

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