The God Who Makes Things Happen

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iUniverse, Feb 22, 2007 - Religion
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Written in a popular style by a longtime college physics professor and Bible teacher, this book is designed to strengthen the faith of those who believe in an inerrant Bible against false teaching by secular educators. Casting a physicist's light on the old-earth/young-earth controversy, a new paradigm is presented. The author invokes Einstein's theory to show that the six-24-hour-days model of creationists and the physicist's 13.7 billion year model are not logically inconsistent. That's because the God Who inspired Genesis One exists in three Persons, each capable of distinct spacetime reference frames, allowing creation to be observed multi-perspectively. Furthermore, citing Heisenberg's uncertainty principle-the basis of quantum mechanics-he points out that this allows God to control the universe moment by moment, since it is clearly taught in Scripture that God alone is sovereign over chance. The Law of Entropy, sometimes called "time's arrow," shows that the history of salvation was intended to take place only once. Jesus Christ is the anchor of time. The unifying theme of the Old and New Testaments is the story of redemption from the penalty of original sin as God in His sovereignty calls members of His invisible church out from the world.

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