Cicero, select orations

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B.H. Sanborn & Company, 1901 - Latin language - 518 pages

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Page 133 - Series contains the Latin authors usually read in American schools and colleges, and also others well adapted to class-room use, but not heretofore published in suitable editions. The several volumes are prepared by special editors, who aim to revise the text carefully and to edit it in the most serviceable manner. Where there are German editions of unusual merit, representing years of special study under the most favorable circumstances, these are used, with the consent of the foreign editor, as...
Page 43 - Itaque, quod plerumque in atroci negotio solet, senatus decrevit, darent operam consules, ne quid respublica detrimenti caperet. Ea potestas per senatum, more Romano, magistratui maxuma permittitur ; exercitum parare, bellum gerere, coercere omnibus modis socios atque civis; domi militiaeque imperium atque judicium summum habere : aliter, sine populi jussu, nulli earum rerum consuli jus est.
Page 136 - A FIRST BOOK IN LATIN. By HIRAM TUELL, AM, late Principal of the Milton High School, Mass., and HAROLD N. FOWLER, Ph.D., Western Reserve University. Ready. A BEGINNER'S BOOK IN LATIN.
Page 136 - VERGIL, The Story of Turnus from Aen. VII-XII, for rapid reading. By MOSES SLAUGHTER, Ph.D., Professor in the University of Wisconsin. Ready. VIRI ROMAE, Selections. With Prose Exercises. By GM WHICHER, AM, Teachers' Normal College, New York City.
Page 135 - SALLUST, Catiline, based upon the edition of Schmalz. By CHARLES G. HERBERMANN, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor in the College of the City of New York. Ready. SENECA, Select Letters.
Page 133 - Some will contain in the introductions and commentary such a careful and minute treatment of the author's life, language, and style as to afford the means for a thorough appreciation of the author and his place in Latin literature.
Page 133 - The latter are particularly acceptable for sight reading, and for rapid reading after the minute study of an author or period in one of the fuller editions. For instance, after a class has read a play or two of Plautus and Terence carefully, with special reference to the peculiarities of style, language, metres, the methods of presenting a play, and the like, these editions will be admirably suited for the rapid reading of other plays.
Page 134 - LIVY, Books XXI and XXII, based upon the edition of Wolfflin. By JOHN K. LORD, Ph.D., Professor in Dartmouth College.
Page 136 - Claremont (NH) High School. Ready. ATLAS OF THE GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT WORLD. Edited by JOHN K. LORD, Ph.D., Professor in Dartmouth College. CAESAR, Gallic War, Books IV. By HAROLD W. JOHNSON, Ph.D., Professor in the Indiana University, and FREDERICK W. SANFORD, AM, Professor in Illinois College. CICERO, Pro Ligario. By CLARENCE H. WHITE, Latin Master, Worcester (Mass.) Academy.
Page 65 - Sullanae victoriae, quod ex gregariis militibus alios senatores videbant, alios ita divites, ut regio victu atque cultu aetatem agerent, sibi quisque, si in armis foret, ex victoria talia sperabat. praeterea iuventus, quae in agris manuum mercede inopiam toleraverat, privatis atque publicis largitionibus excita urbanum otium ingrato labori praetulerat. eos atque alios omnis malum publicum alebat. quo minus mirandum est homines egentis, malis moribus maxuma spe, rei publicae iuxta ac sibi consuluisse....

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