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Page 116 - The section from the acne nodules showed quite profound changes, extending deep into the corium, surrounding, in some nodules, a magnified and markedly hypertrophied follicle. The lesion was made up of masses of cells, many giant cells, plasma cells, which were very numerous in some nodules but not in...
Page 116 - By the clumping of bacillus acnes by the sera of patients affected with acne vulgaris it is to be inferred that a specific toxic body derived from the presence of the bacilli in the tissues is absorbed by the blood, resulting in the production of a specific agglutinin.
Page 107 - A bacteriological and microscopical study of over 300 vesicular and pustular lesions of the •skin with a research upon the etiology of acne vulgaris" before the American Dermatological Society.
Page 10 - Toronto in 1872 and began the practice of his profession. In 1875 he was appointed physician to the Toronto General Hospital. At about that time he became connected with the Toronto School of Medicine as Demonstrator of Anatomy and Microscopy. Subsequently he held the position of Lecturer on Chemistry. In 1887 he was made Professor of Clinical Medicine and Medical Pathology, and Lecturer on Dermatology. In 1892 he became Professor of Medicine. In 1884 symptoms of diabetes showed themselves. The disease...
Page 121 - JOURNAL be confined to local remedies alone, aa disturbances of the alimentary canal travel side by side with this ailment. The predisposing causes of acne, he states, are innate and often hereditary and one might as well claim that a sad or happy expression of the face is due to a condition of the skin and muscles as to assert that a bad complexion or the eruption in acne is an affair pertaining solely to the sebaceous glands. A sluggish circulation and a constantly recurring irritation of the gastro-intestinal...
Page 184 - From the study of the present series of cases, he thinks himself warranted in stating that the X-ray as a therapeutic measure is not a passing fad to be dropped after a brief experience. (3) The effect of the method is at times to produce severe symptoms, referable to the heart, lungs, and other internal organs, and systemic effects pointing to absorption Review, July 1, 1903.
Page 35 - The skin lesions began to appear in these cases in an average of five weeks after vaccination, 16 weeks having elapsed in one case, the longest, and three weeks in one case, the shortest time, between the time of vaccination and the first cutaneous disturbance. In the 10 cases which followed vaccination there were six deaths, a most extraordinary mortality. In all the cases the parts most often affected were the back of the neck, the region between the shoulders, the...
Page 22 - This condition is not due to any lack of effort on the part of the people of the district, or the officials, of the district or the school.
Page 180 - The name of nffivo-carcinoma has for me only the meaning of a carcinoma on a ntzvus, but does not have any particular interest in reference to the origin of these growths. The pigment is only a coincidence in the naevus, and in consequence it is found in the carcinomatous stroma as such, and it does not produce nor increase the malignancy of the
Page 206 - ... conclusions of this paper might properly be introduced by the following questions: Was not this examination a great amount of work for very little gain? And could not the results have been forecast from the beginning? No systematic examination is ever worthless from a clinical standpoint; more especially is this true in a field that has not been previously covered. Moreover, certain relatively positive results can be arrived at, for this examination has conclusively proven that the skin shows...

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