Amusement Only

Front Cover, 1901 - 340 pages

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Page 7 - He moved forward as though the intention had entered his ducal heart to knock his servants down. But, if that were so, he did not act quite up to his intention. Instead, he stretched out his arm, pointing at them as if he were an accusing spirit: " Will you swear that it was the duchess who got into the carriage outside Cane and Wilson's?
Page 30 - She actually rushed into the Duke's extended arms. And he kissed her, and she kissed him — before the servants. " So you're not quite dead ? " she cried. " I am almost," he said. She drew herself a little away from him :' " Hereward, were you seriously hurt ? " " Do you suppose that I could have been otherwise than seriously hurt ?
Page 3 - You fellows have been up to some infernal mischief. You have made a mess of it. You never picked up the Duchess, and you're trying to palm this tale off on to me to save yourselves.
Page 30 - Judging from the expression of his countenance, the duke was conscious of no overwhelming desire to witness an exhibition of Mr. Dacre's prowess. When the cab reached Datchet House his grace dashed up the steps three at a time. The door flew open. " Has the duchess returned? " " Hereward! " A voice floated downward from above. Some one came running down the stairs. It was her Grace of Datchet. "Mabel!" She actually rushed into the duke's extended arms. And he kissed her, and she kissed him — before...
Page 74 - ... sound" in each particular district and Church. It is not a question of belief, it is "a question of evidence,
Page 39 - The duchess uttered a sound which was half gasp, half sigh. "Hereward!" " Barnes and Moysey, with beautiful and childlike innocence, when they found that they had brought the thing home empty, came straightway and told me that you had jumped out of the brougham while it had been driving full pelt through the streets. While I was digesting that piece of information there came the first epistle, with the lock of your hair. Before I had time to digest that there came the second epistle, with yours inside.
Page 5 - The duke tore the envelope open. As he did so something fell- out of it on to the writing table. It looked as though it was a lock of a woman's hair. As he glanced at it the duke seemed to be a trifle startled. The duke read the letter: " Your grace will be so good as to bring five hundred pounds in gold to the Piccadilly end of the Burlington Arcade within an hour of the receipt of this.
Page 39 - If you have perused those documents which you have in your hand, you will have some faint idea. Ivor, when it's your funeral I'll smile. Mabel, Duchess of Datchet, it is beginning to dawn upon the vacuum which represents my brain that I've been the victim of one of the prettiest things in practical jokes that ever yet was planned.
Page 28 - I thought that there they were content to kidnap them after they were dead. I was not aware that they had, as yet, got quite so far as the living." " I believe that I have heard of something just like this." " Possibly ; they are giants over there." " And in that case the scoundrels, when their demands were met, refused to keep to the letter of their bargain and asked for more.
Page 32 - Something in the lady's face caused him to ask a question : " Didn't he tell you he had sent it to me? " "Hereward!" " Did the brute tell you that he meant to cut off your little finger?

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