Pa Gladden: The Story of a Common Man

Front Cover
Century Company, 1903 - 338 pages

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Page 3 - Go ye to the forest, Where the myrtles grow, Where the pine and laurel Bend beneath the snow; Gather them for Jesus; Wreathe them for His shrine; Make His temple glorious With...
Page 152 - The thought of Mary Hebbs came to him, of the "leetle Christmas feller" who had been born in that lowly place, of " leetle Billy," and of Ma Gladden's loving care of him. Then the man's throat filled. He looked at Sheila, the collie, who lay crippled on a bed of straw. " The mule kicked ye at a bad time, Sheiler. I need ye sorely.
Page 194 - Lord fer help ; an' me, afur off, air sent ye, over stick, brake, an' stone. In Bible times thar war speerits sent ter men on speshul occasions ; but, it seems, the Lord works more ez human ter human. If I air chosen ter set down in jedgment on this money, I wull try ter study out suthin' ter please ye an' the Lord." " You must do it," said the sick woman, " and there is no time to lose.
Page 225 - I alters hev felt," he observed more mildly than ever, " thet, if I'd hed any speshul childern o' my own, I 'd 'a' follered 'em clean down ter hell's back door an' drug 'em back ef they went wrong. But folks in the world air warped mighty various, mighty various. Human ties binds folks the strongest ter the love o' God, but sometimes they air plumb outraged.
Page 134 - d be the most sot-up man in the settlement." " She 's got trouble ahead o' her," gasped Ben Dyke. " I know old Keppel, fer I worked fer him. Think about to-night.
Page 135 - m all right now ! " she exclaimed. " I hev thort erbout this proceedin' so long it kind o' dammed up my ideas. I kep' wonderin' ef I hed spunk enough to kerry it through. It air orful bad to go ag'in' all the folks ye hev — even in meanness.
Page 188 - I kin make myself beknown ter her thet way." He cleared his throat, and then called up the tube gently : " Air I speakin' ter Mis' Judy ? " " Yes. Who are you ? What do you want ? " " Folks calls me Pa Gladden, ma'am. I air from Long Valley way.
Page 176 - ... Persephone, all men hez blood cranks o' one sort er ruther. Pa would allers turn up inside of a week jes ez happy ez a king, plumb satisfied with life, an' thet glad ter git back ter me thet it 'most paid fer all the worry. Lemme see, now. It air four years sence he walked plumb over ter Lexin'ton, an' brung hum my flowered shalli in his hand.
Page 115 - To save the cattle, in the hope of rains and late pastures, was the problem that confronted a hundred valley farmers. The hardships of the future, the provision of food for the winter months, were wholly forgotten in the terror of the present hour, that, unless rain soon came, the cattle would die of hunger and thirst, and men and women be forced to leave their homes. The farmers' wives faced the fact that there was at hand a winter without a food-supply and reserve.
Page 223 - Satan. Do ye mean ter say thet there air no human ties ter bind upon ye now ? " " I have said farewell to everything in this life," answered the stranger, stoutly. " I have given up my former name, family, everything. I have no idea what to do, if I live, unless I can labor here." " 'Pears ter me thet depends entirely on yer own state o" mind,

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