Sunday scenes in London and its suburbs

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Page 3 - The world was made to be inhabited by beasts, but studied and contemplated by man : 'tis the debt of our reason we owe unto God, and the homage we pay for not being beasts : without this, the world is still as though it had not been, or as it was before the sixth day, when as yet there was not a creature that could conceive, or say there was a world.
Page 3 - The wisdom of God receives small honour from those vulgar heads that rudely stare about, and with a gross rusticity admire his works; those highly magnify him, whose judicious inquiry into his acts, and deliberate research into his creatures, return the duty of a devout and learned admiration.
Page 68 - Suppose a man infinitely ambitious, and equally spiteful and malicious ; one who poisons the ears of great men by venomous whispers, and rises by the fall of better men than himself, yet if he steps forth with a Friday look and a lenten face, with a blessed JESU ! and a mournful ditty for the vices of the times, oh ! then he is a saint upon earth, an Ambrose or an Augustine (I mean not for that earthly trash of book-learning, for, alas ! such are above that, or at least that's above them), but for...
Page 32 - But you ignored that and walked past us and sat down at a table in the corner of the room. And...
Page 33 - Here were seated four young ladies attired in silks and satins, with bonnets half off their heads, bad bracelets and cheap rings innumerable...
Page 33 - Teaspoons full of gin-and-water administered to children by indulgent parents seemed quite to have exhilarated the juveniles.

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