The Blackwell Companion to The Problem of Evil

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Justin P. McBrayer, Daniel Howard-Snyder
John Wiley & Sons, Jan 14, 2014 - Philosophy - 528 pages

The Blackwell Companion to the Problem of Evil presents a collection of original essays providing both overview and insight, clarifying and evaluating the philosophical and theological “problem of evil” in its various contexts and manifestations.

  • Features all original essays that explore the various forms of the problems of evil, offering theistic responses that attempt to explain evil as well as discussion of the challenges facing such explanations
  • Includes section introductions with a historical essay that traces the developments of the issues explored
  • Acknowledges the fact that there are many problems of evil, some of which apply only to those who believe in concepts such as hell and some of which apply to non-theists
  • Represents views from the various religious traditions, including Hindu, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim

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Title page
A New Logical ProblemofEvil
Rowes Evidential Arguments fromEvil
Explanationand theProblem of Evil
A Carnapian ArgumentfromEvil
The Experience of Evil and Support for Atheism
The Problem of AnimalPainand Suffering
Providence andTheodicy
A Christian Theodicy The Characterof ReligiousExperience
Toward anIndian Theodicy The Psychology of Karma
Earths EpistemicFruitsfor Harmony with God
On Constructing a Jewish Theodicy
Feminism andthe Problem of Evil
Process Theism and Theodicies for Problems of Evil
Theodicy in a Vale of Tears

Hell and theProblem of Evil Introduction
The Problem of Apparently Morally Abhorrent Divine
God Becauseof EvilAPragmatic Argument from Evil
A Brief Historyof Theodicy
Alvin Plantinga b 1937 FreeWill Defense andOFelix Culpa Theodicy
CounterpartandAppreciation Theodicies
Hicks Theodicy
Challenges Facing Free Will and SoulMaking Theodicies
The CBT Explained Fruitfulness andImplications Conclusion
The Plenum Objection
The Morality of Theodicy
Nonmoral Objections to Theodicy
Skeptical Responses
Peter van Inwagens Defense
A DefenseWithout Free Will SkepticismaboutFreeWill
SkepticalTheism CORNEAand Common Sense
The MoralSkepticism Objection to Skeptical Theism
Skeptical Theism and theToo Much Skepticism

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About the author (2014)

Justin P. McBrayer is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Fort Lewis College, Colorado. He has authored numerous papers in philosophy of religion and ethics, including “CORNEA and Inductive Skepticism” (2009), “Skeptical Theism” (2010), “A Limited Defense of Moral Perception” (2010), “Skepticism about the Argument from Divine Hiddenness” (2011), and “Christianity, Homosexual Sex, and Sexism” (2012).

Daniel Howard-Snyder is Professor of Philosophy at Western Washington University. He is co-author of The Power of Logic (2013, 5th Ed.), and editor or co-editor of various publications including The Evidential Argument from Evil (1996), Faith, Freedom, and Rationality (1996), and Divine Hiddenness: New Essays (2002).

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