The Provincial Council and Committees of Safety in North Carolina

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The University Press, 1908 - North Carolina - 49 pages

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Page 9 - of Governor Martin to the Assembly, Apiil 4, to which the people have been excited, the appointment of committees, the violences these little unrestrained and arbitrary tribunals have done to the rights of his majesty's subjects; the flagrant and unpardonable insults they have offered to the highest authorities of the State by some of their acts, which have been made public; and the stop
Page 26 - the motto of the County Committees. They not infrequently usurped the powers of the County Court and subjected the gravity and reason of the law to the control of the popular will." He refers also to their "passing of the bounds of Congressional decree in the use of the whipping post and the dungeon.
Page 8 - Provincial Congress was made from Wilmington at a general meeting of the inhabitants of the District. Here a Committee was elected to prepare a circular letter to the counties of the province, urging the necessity for electing delegates for a Provincial Council. John Harvey, as appears in a private letter from Samuel JohnJones
Page 14 - members might judge expedient to strengthen and defend the Colony, so as the same shall not extend to altering or suspending any act or resolution of the Congress." The Council was responsible to Congress for
Page 10 - and Speaker of the other. The revolutionary body which caused the complication of proceedings had been convened because, as was explained, "the people had no right to expect that the Assembly would be permitted to meet till it was too late to send delegates to the Continental Congress at Philadelphia." The Governor's usual expedient, resorted to in ordering the
Page 19 - ters heretofore taken cognizance of by the late Provincial Council or the several late committees of safety of this Province and undetermined shall be taken cognizance of by the Council of Safety:" "The Council thus constituted to be vested
Page 19 - assigned functions, the actual duration of its three sessions was not all of three weeks. Its successor, the Council of Safety, with new powers and moving from place to place in the province, acting alone, with no legal semblance of District Commutes and with the County Committees fast losing significance, this body consumed, in almost
Page 23 - the letters of Marque and Reprisal solicited from the. Continental Congress had already been received; in special cases, and finally as a general ruling, there was granted the privilege, before alluded to, to all vessels to export to French, Dutch or neutral West Indies, cargoes of oak staves, etc., on the condition of
Page 3 - The system of government, as to this point outlined, was instituted by the Third Provincial Congress which met at Hillsboro, August 20, 1775. This system, marked out as has been said, on September 9, 1775, underwent one great metamorphosis which nevertheless left its essential element intact until the meeting of the Constitutional Convention in November, 1776.
Page 13 - jurisdiction was definitely marked out for the District Committee. The actual work of these bodies will be discussed in connection with the functions of the government as a whole, when the Proceedings of Wilmington and New Bern District Committees will be indicated. Besides the minutes of the Wilmington District x: 414, 415,

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