Bulletin, Issue 72

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1921 - America - 83 pages
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Page 41 - Even if any one's bone is broken, you will heal it together for him," they were told. " But you will live quietly. You will have plenty of time to share it with (others) . But (there is) this : you will instruct those who will take care of (the sacred pack) in the future, that each may take extremely good care of it; and you will accordingly tell them that they continue to hold gens festivals with solemnity; and you will accordingly tell them that they always think seriously of it. "As to the gens...
Page 59 - We are not singing sportive songs. It is as if we are weeping, asking for life. You are to think sadly all the time. Do not think of anything unnecessarily during that time. You are only to think quietly when you start singing. And as for this fellow, the drummer, he is to beat the drum vigorously. He is to sing loudly. Do not think of women unnecessarily (during this time). For there is no happy feeling when we die. Our relative feels sadly who sees us no more. That is why I said 'quiet
Page 41 - My grandchildren, I bless you. There is nothing evil in the way I have thought of you. I have thought of you indeed in a good way. So long as your life shall endure, so long shall I make it go for you. And from time to time you will continue to gladden (the people) by what you do : such is the blessing I shall continue to bestow upon you. But, my grandchildren, do not expect anything in return from your fellow-people whom you have pleased. That is the only (thing) I tell you. And you will use my...
Page 45 - Now what I tell you will come to pass. So you must zealously endeavor to carefully think of it. I am not speaking to you for fun. Exactly what I say to you shall come to pass. Nor shall I bless you here for a little while when I think of you. Until this earth ceases to be an earth, is as far as it will take care of you, if you always think seriously of it, and if you keep on holding gens festivals. "And, moreover, if you go toward your enemy to attack them, you will not leave each other there.
Page 57 - Well, now I shall tell you about this which we sing. As we sing the manitou hears us. The manitou really hears us. The manitou will not fail to hear us. It is just as if we were singing within the manitous
Page 35 - ... edge of the water. And if any one should start to camp far away, something would happen to him, (or) he might get some disease. That is what would happen to him. It was against their religion for them to camp far away from where they had crossed and (came) out of the water. They stopped to camp. And after the gens festival was held it is said it was just as if they had been dismissed. Then, it is said, the men went hunting any place; after the gens festival was held then also, it is said, the...
Page 28 - It was impossible to get the inner meaning of this song. It is he, it is he, The person with the spirit of an owl; It is he, it is he...
Page 13 - Another point may be properly brought up here, namely, the treatment of final г of one morphological unit before another such unit beginning with a vowel or diphthong. The elision of this varies among different speakers, and is also dependent on the tempo. I have followed the usage of the dictator in this respect. The glottal stop is merely rhetorical. In conclusion it may be noted that Edward Davenport does not pronounce aspirations before initial vowels and ai, save rhetorically.
Page 55 - We shall (all) always take care of it and likewise the songs. That is what we shall do. You shall firmly remember them, for we are to take them to the end of the world. You are to continue to tell this to the future generations of the people. You shall continue to tell each other seriously. This has given us a blessing. It is the same as if we made it. "But we shall not live here forever. We shall die. In fact we shall all die. No one of us who exist as mortals here, shall exist as a mortal forever.
Page 41 - ... think of me. Do not throw me out of your thoughts. Verily I too have put my thought in here (the sacred pack) when I blessed you. When I think (of going) yonder, I go thither. I arrive at where I am going. Even if there were a river flowing by, I would come there; nothing would go wrong with me; l even if there were a cliff where I was going I should go there.

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