Life of general Nathaniel Lyon

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Page 246 - The President of the United States directs that you enroll in the military service of the United States the loyal citizens of St. Louis and vicinity, not exceeding with those heretofore enlisted, ten thousand in number, for the purpose of maintaining the authority of the United States and for the protection of the peaceable inhabitants of Missouri; and you will, if deemed necessary for that purpose by yourself and by Messrs. Oliver D. Filley, John How, James O. Broadhead, Samuel T. Glover, JJ Witzig...
Page 269 - ... men, women, and children have been ruthlessly shot down and murdered ; and other unbearable indignities have been heaped upon your State and yourselves.
Page 270 - In issuing this proclamation, I hold it to be my solemn duty to remind you that Missouri is still one of the United States; that the executive department of the State government does not arrogate to itself the power to disturb that relation...
Page 358 - ... flag, and achieved victory against overwhelming numbers at the battle of Springfield, in Missouri ; and that, in order to commemorate an event so honorable to the country and to themselves, it is ordered that each regiment engaged shall be authorized to bear upon its colors the word 'Springfield,' embroidered in letters of gold.
Page 283 - ... purposes toward the general Government. This devolved upon me the necessity of meeting this issue to the best of my ability, and accordingly I moved to this point with a portion of the force under...
Page 270 - But it is equally my duty to advise you that your first allegiance is due to your own State, and that you are under no obligation whatever to obey the unconstitutional edicts of the military despotism which has introduced itself at Washington, nor submit to the infamous and degrading sway of its wicked minions in this State.
Page 330 - Colonel Mitchell. In a few moments the Colonel fell severely wounded ; about the same time a fatal ball was lodged in the General's breast, and he was carried from the field a corpse. Thus gloriously fell as brave a soldier as ever drew a sword — a man whose honesty of purpose was proverbial — a noble patriot, and one who held his life as nothing when his country demanded it of him.
Page 276 - Illinois. The professions of loyalty to the Union by the State authorities of Missouri are not to be relied upon. They have already falsified their professions too often, and are too far committed to secession to be...
Page 251 - Your command is regarded as evidently hostile towards the government of the United States. It is for the most part, made up of those secessionists who have openly avowed their hostility to the General Government, and have been plotting at the seizure of its property and the overthrow of its authority.
Page 284 - I shall scrupulously avoid all interference with the business, right, and property of every description recognized by the laws of the State, and belonging to law-abiding citizens. But it is equally my duty to maintain the paramount authority of the United States...

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