Old Church Lore

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W. Andrews, 1891 - Christian antiquities - 255 pages
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Page 36 - We can hardly regret, in reflecting on the desolating violence which prevailed, that there should have been some green spots in the wilderness, where the feeble and the persecuted could find refuge. How must this right have enhanced the veneration for religious institutions! How gladly must the victims of internal warfare have turned their eyes from the baronial castle, the dread and scourge of the neighbourhood, to those venerable walls, within which not even the clamour of arms could be heard,...
Page 20 - I be taken as a robber and a felon of our Lord the King: and that at such a place I will diligently seek for passage, and that I will tarry there but one flood and ebb, if I can have passage ; and unless I can have it in such a place, I will go every day into the sea up to my knees, assaying to pass over...
Page 230 - ... purposes: one, to bespeak the prayers of all good Christians for a soul just departing; the other, to drive away the evil spirits who stood at the bed's foot, and about the house, ready to seize their prey, or at least to molest and terrify the soul in its passage: but by the ringing of that bell (for Durandus informs us, evil spirits are much afraid of bells), they were kept aloof; and the soul, like a hunted hare, gained the start, or had what is by sportsmen called Law.
Page 121 - To which end it is requisite that there be a holy cessation or resting all the day from all unnecessary labours, and an abstaining, not only from all sports and pastimes, but also from all worldly words and thoughts.
Page 116 - And we consideringe that great resort of people is lyke to come thereunto, we will and require you, as well for good order as also for the preservation of the Queen's Majesty's peace, that you take with you foure or fyve of the discrete and substantial!
Page 50 - ... opened one of her eyes, and shut it again ; and this opening the eye was done three several times ; she likewise thrust out the ring or marriage finger three times, and pulled it in again ; and the finger dropped blood from it on the grass.
Page 65 - ... and behold it, suddenly the north part, by blowing of the south wind was also set on fire, and the people which were even now passing the bridge, perceiving the same, would have returned, but were stopped by fire ; and it came to pass, that as they stayed or protracted time, the other end of the bridge also, namely, the south end, was fired, so that the people thronging themselves between the two fires, did nothing else but expect present death ; then came there to aid them many ships and vessels,...
Page 131 - Quire, nigh to the High Altar, before the service time; and there lay it within the said Sepulchre, with great devotion, with another picture of our Saviour Christ, in whose breast they did enclose, with great reverence, the most holy and blessed Sacrament of the Altar, senceinge...
Page 131 - Passion, all covered with red velvet and embroider'd with gold, and did then cense it, either of the monks with a pair of silver censers, sitting on their knees before the sepulchre. Then they both rising came to the sepulchre, out of which with great reverence they took a marvellous beautiful image of our Saviour, representing the Resurrection ; with a cross in his hand, in the breast whereof was enclosed, in...

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