The World's Work, Volume 10

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Doubleday, Page & Company, 1905
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Page 6686 - Cosmetic, it hath parts civil, and parts effeminate : for cleanness of body was ever esteemed to proceed from a due reverence to God, to society, and to ourselves.
Page 6467 - European connections, although actually becoming more intimate, will, nevertheless, relatively sink in importance; while the Pacific ocean, its shores, its islands and the vast region beyond will become the chief theatre of events in the world's great Hereafter.
Page 6543 - Take the flower and turn the hour, and kiss your love again ! Buy my English posies! Ye that have your own Buy them for a brother's sake Overseas, alone. Weed ye trample underfoot Floods his heart abrim — Bird ye never heeded, Oh, she calls his dead to him! Far and far our homes are set round the Seven Seas ; Woe for us if we forget, we that hold by these ! Unto each his mother-beach, bloom and bird and land — Masters of the Seven Seas, oh, love and understand.
Page 6781 - Timon you! Nay, nay, for shame: It looks too arrogant a jest — The fierce old man — to take his name You bandbox. Off, and let him rest.
Page 6586 - We must not make a scare-crow of the law, ' Setting it up to fear the birds of prey, And let it keep one shape, till custom make it Their perch, and not their terror.
Page 6161 - Rather, therefore, than permit the great monopolies to rob us of the benefits of the vast reservoirs of oil which have been stored by the Creator beneath our soil, I am inclined to waive my objection to the socialistic phase of this subject and recommend the establishment of an oil refinery of our own in our state for the preservation of our wealth and the protection of our people.
Page 6320 - York at the Church of the Transfiguration, "The Little Church Around the Corner.
Page 6830 - THE FOUR-TRACK SERIES/' This is the title of a series of books of travel and education issued by the Passenger Department of the NEW YORK CENTRAL & HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD. These small books are filled with information regarding the best modes of travel and the education that can best be obtained by travel. They relate specifically to the great resorts of America — to trips to the islands of the sea and around the world.
Page 6830 - A copy will be sent free, postpaid, to any address, on receipt of a two-cent stamp, by George H. Daniels, General Passenger Agent, New York Central & Hudson River Railroad, Grand Central Station, New York.
Page 6685 - Jewelry on Approval Upon receipt "of satisfactory references from any National Bank or responsible business house, Tiffany & Co. will send on approval selections from their stock to any part of the United States Tiffany & Co.

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