Venice: its individual growth from the earliest beginnings to the fall of the republic, Part 1, Volume 1

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A.C. McClurg & Co., 1906 - Venice (Italy)

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Page 86 - E mo per lo so iniquo tradimento Se posto in Chomun per Altrui spavento E per mostrar a tutti sempre seno. The column
Page 29 - della moneta (the paying bridge) or del quartarolo (the farthing bridge), either because of the neighbouring mint or because before the bridge was built a farthing was the fare of the
Page 115 - In the first quarter of the eighth century the Venetians, after having lent their fleet to aid the Greeks against the Lombards, passed from the protection of the Greek empire to an alliance with Byzantium. They pushed forward into distant seas, and, by the middle of the eighth century, they had already reached Africa and
Page 219 - a quartieri, con la nostra divisa, e altri quattro famegi con le calze della divisa ; e tutti un corsier per uno, coverti tutti de velludo verde, tutte ponte de
Page 49 - 1902, bricks of Roman make were discovered. They probably came from Aquileia. Some of them were very firm in grain and bore the imperial mark of Antoninus Pius,
Page 29 - the Rialto bridge was rebuilt, still in wood, but wider. The new bridge was carried on beams and could be raised in the middle.
Page 15 - be that some seek not gold, but there lives not a man who does not need salt,
Page 126 - and in their turn they import into Venice cloth to the value of 900,000 ducats, so that there is a total turnover of 2,800,000 ducats. Venetian exports to the whole world
Page 121 - by the middle of the fourteenth century the term, "the Gulf of Venice,
Page 179 - Capitolari delle Arti Veneziane sottoposte alla Giustizia vecchia e nuova dalle origini al

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