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As is true of nearly all real "memoirs," this work explored the depth of the author's experience and responses. As opposed to simply a historical listing of factors or events, the author plumbed the depth of his life's story and broke it open in a way that touches any reader who has even the least human sensitivity. Frankly, I could not put this book down. I read it in just about one entire sitting. In fact, at one point I nearly dropped the volume because Brummell almost exactly includes an early childhood scene that is found in the Confessions of Augustine of Hippo in the 5th century. Augustine talks about his stealing of pears. Brummell takes about his attempt as a small child to steal pies. In both cases, the reader is invited to reflect on one's own life and how the human animal is caught up always and in every age in the act of "desire." As a former literature professor, I most strongly recommend this book as a classic. Its classical nature is powerful because the text acts as a mirror. You read not just the life of George Brummell. Rather, you are moved to reflect upon your own. And in that regard, despite any so-called lack of data on his current life or any lack of more "historical" details about the Vietnam War, this memoirs is an absolute success. It engages; it pulls you in; it forces you to ask the ultimate question that arises from any truly "successful" piece of literature: "Is this me?" An amazing and powerful work that should not be missed by any thinking and feeling human being. 

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