Asiatick Researches: Or, Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal, for Inquiring Into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Asia, Volume 11

Front Cover
John Murray, 1812 - Asia
Vol. 2-3, 5-12 have lists of the members of the society.

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Page 208 - Muhammed and the idolatrous worship of the Hindus appeared to touch, and at a moment when both these tribes cherished the most violent rancour and animosity towards each other, his great aim was to blend those jarring elements in peaceful union, and he only endeavoured to effect this purpose through the means of mild persuasion.
Page 208 - Mahommedans and Hindus to an exclusive attention to that sublimest of all principles, which inculcates devotion to God, and peace towards man. He had to combat the furious bigotry of the one, and the deep-rooted superstition of the other; but he attempted to overcome all obstacles by the force of reason and humanity: and we cannot have a more convincing proof of the general character of that doctrine which he taught, and the inoffensive light in which it was viewed, than the knowledge that its success...
Page 26 - And, besides this, the inhabitants of the last island (Poseidonis) preserved the memory of the prodigious magnitude of the Atlantic island as related by their ancestors, and of its governing for many periods all the islands in the Atlantic sea. From this isle one may pass to other large islands beyond, which are not far from the firm land, near which is the true sea.
Page 276 - Nanuk ! I have sent thee into the world in the Kali-yug (or depraved age) — go and bear my name I' Nanuk said, 'Oh God ! how can I bear the mighty burthen ? If my age was extended to tens of millions of years, if I drank of immortality, and my eyes were formed of the sun and moon, and were never closed, still, oh God ! I could not presume to take charge of Thy wonderful name !
Page 529 - One of them was a remarkably fine animal, as large as a good-sized Newfoundland dog, with very long hair and a head resembling a mastiff's. His tail was of an amazing length, like the brush of a fox, and curled halfway over his back.
Page 239 - Mahometan author, the Sikh horsemen were seen riding at full gallop towards ' their favorite shrine of devotion. They were often slain in making this attempt, and sometimes taken prisoners ; but they used on such occasions to seek, instead of avoiding, the crown of martyrdom :
Page 252 - Akalis, or immortals, who, under the double character of fanatic priests, and desperate soldiers, have usurped the sole direction of all religious affairs at Amritsar, and are consequently leading men in a council which is held at that sacred place...
Page 211 - Sikh authorities ascribe the foundation of this city to him ; which is not correct, as it was a very ancient town, known formerly under the name of Chak. He, however, added much to its population, and built a famous tank, or reservoir of water, which he called Amritsar, a name signifying the water of immortality...
Page 219 - Muhammadan conquerors of India, who saw the religious prejudices of the Hindus, which they had calculated upon as one of the pillars of their safety, because they limited the great majority of the population to peaceable occupations, fall before the touch of a bold and enthusiastic innovator, who opened at once, to men of the lowest tribe, the dazzling prospect of earthly glory.
Page 285 - Sir John Malcolm gives a somewhat different and more dilated account of the ceremony, and says nothing of the previous use of the water, which is administered to the convert by the initiator with this injunction, " This sherbet is nectar: it is the water of life; drink it.

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