Reports to the General Assembly of Illinois, Volume 1, Part 1

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Page xviii - The general assembly shall provide such revenue as may be needful by levying a tax, by valuation, so that every person and corporation shall pay a tax in proportion to the value of his, her or its property...
Page 314 - House, a sum exceeding, in the aggregate, three and a half millions of dollars, inclusive of all appropriations heretofore made, without first submitting the proposition for an additional expenditure to the legal voters of the State, at a general election; nor unless a majority of all the votes cast at such election shall be for the proposed additional expenditure.
Page xvii - The suspension of specie payments by banking institutions, on their circulation, created by the laws of this State, shall never be permitted or sanctioned. Every banking association now, or which may hereafter be, organized under the laws of this State, shall make and publish a full and accurate quarterly statement of its affairs, (which shall be certified to, under oath, by one or more of its officers) as may be provided by law.
Page 286 - Act, it shall be lawful throughout the United States of America to employ the Weights and Measures of the Metric System...
Page ix - Written into the fundamental law of the State by the people is a mandate to the Legislature to provide a system of free schools in which all the children of the State are to be educated. How well we have performed this solemn duty is best shown by a scrutiny of the facts. They disclose in unmistakable terms that since the close of the World War, we have witnessed a greater progress in this field than the State has ever experienced in any similar period in the development...
Page 551 - In the name of the most high, mighty, invincible and victorious Prince, Louis the Great, by the grace of God, King of France and Navarre, fourteenth of that name...
Page 286 - That the tables in the schedule hereto annexed shall be recognized in the construction of contracts, and in all legal proceedings...
Page 286 - ... as establishing, in terms of the weights and measures now in use in the, United States, the equivalents of the weights and measures expressed therein in terms
Page 287 - Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to furnish to each State, to be delivered to the governor thereof, one set of the standard weights and measures of the metric system for the use of the States, respectively.
Page 396 - Every convict who shall have no infraction of the rules and regulations of the prison, or laws of the state, recorded against him, and who performs in a faithful, orderly, and peaceable manner the duties assigned to him, shall be allowed from his term, instead and lieu of the credits heretofore allowed by law...

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