An Advanced Arithmetic

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Ginn & Company, 1898
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Page 324 - Since in one hour the hour hand moves through 5 minute-spaces, and the minute hand through 60 minute-spaces, the minute hand moves 12 times as fast as the hour hand, and in moving through 12 minute-spaces gains 11 minute-spaces.
Page 319 - A and B together can do a piece of work in 48 days ; A and C together can do it in 30 days ; B and C together can do it in 26| days.
Page 315 - If it take 4 men 8 days to do a piece of work, how long will it take 16 men to do it ? 59.
Page 316 - How long will it take both pipes to fill the cistern ? 28. A cistern which holds 100 gallons can be filled from a pipe in 25 minutes, and emptied by a waste-pipe in 45 minutes. If both are opened together, how long will it take to fill the cistern, and how much water will be wasted ? 29.
Page 298 - Find the surface of a rectangular block of stone 4 ft. long, 2} ft. broad, l1 ft. thick. 16. A lake whose area is 45 A. is covered with ice 3 in. thick. Find the weight of the ice in tons, if a cubic foot weigh 920 oz. avoirdupois.
Page 455 - Six months after date, we jointly and severally promise to pay to John Adams, or order, Five Thousand Dollars, value received, with interest at five per cent.
Page 288 - ... windows 5 ft. 6 in. by 3 ft. 6 in., and a base board of 9 in. 17. Find at 15 cents a square yard the cost of painting the outside of the walls of a cottage-roofed house 36 ft. by 32 ft. by 13 ft., if the house has...
Page 645 - ... the frustum by that of the top; extract the square root of the product ; to the result add the areas of the base and top, and multiply one-third this sum by the height of the frustum. 101. Find the volume of a square frustum of which the base is 3 ft. square, top 2 ft. square, and height 4 ft. 102. Find the capacity in liquid quarts of a tin pan 10 in.
Page 690 - How much force is required to raise 180 lb. attached to one end of a rope if 1 % of the force is required to overcome friction ? 215. If the radius of the wheel is four times that of the axle, and the string round the wheel can support a weight of 50 lb.
Page 217 - C 756 dollars, which they agree to lay out for land at the greatest price per acre that will allow each to expend the whole of his money ; what was the price per acre, and how many acres did each nan buy ? Ans.

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