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Page i - Bestowing thus their lives on the public, they have every one received a praise that will never decay, a sepulchre that will always be most illustrious — not that in which their bones lie mouldering, but that in which their frame is preserved, to be on every occasion, when honour is the employ of either word or act, eternally remembered.
Page 491 - ... a momentary halt, but almost instantly after increased masses came up and the wave bore on. These masses coming up with a rapid run, covering the entire breadth of the open ground, some two hundred paces, would alone be checked in their career by the gaps of the fallen. Still no retreat, and again a fresh mass would carry on the approaching line still nearer. If there was one man in this attack there must have been ten thousand, and their loss by artillery, although borne with such fortitude,...
Page i - Nor is it the inscriptions on the columns in their native soil alone, that show their merit; but the memorial of them, better than all inscriptions, in every foreign nation, reposited more durably in universal remembrance, than on their own tomb.
Page 3 - The 6th New Hampshire had steadily advanced in line to the left of the road, and, when within about two hundred yards, poured in a most deadly volley, which completely demoralized the enemy, and ended the battle. Our men were so completely fagged ont by the intense heat and their long march, that we could not pursue them.
Page 408 - Pennsylvania regiments to move to the support of Casey's right. Neill attacked the enemy twice with great gallantry. In the first attack the enemy were driven back. In the second attack, and under the immediate command of General Couch, these two regiments assailed a vastly superior force of the enemy, and fought with extraordinary bravery ; though compelled at last to retire, they brought in thirty-five prisoners. Both regiments were badly cut up.
Page 491 - Volunteers, was moved forward to the line of the guns. I have here to call to the attention of my superior chiefs this most heroic action on the part of Colonel Hays and his regiment. The Sixtythird has won for Pennsylvania the laurels of fame. That which grape and canister failed in effecting was now accomplished by the determined charge and rapid volleys of this foot. The enemy at the muzzles of our guns for the first time sulkily retired, fighting. Subsequently, ground having been gained, the...
Page 60 - Hoyt himself deserves great credit for his energy in urging the boats forward and bringing them through the narrow channel ; and the feeling which led him to land at the head of his men was the prompting of a gallant spirit which deserved to find more...
Page 491 - At four PM the attack commenced on my line, with a determination and vigor, and in such masses, as I had never witnessed. THOMPSON'S battery, directed with great skill, literally swept the slightly falling open space with the completest execution, and mowing them down by ranks, would cause the survivors a momentary halt ; but almost instantly after increased masses came up, and the wave bore on.
Page 51 - Pines;" that their lines extended perpendicular to the Williamsburg road and across to the neighborhood of the Fair Oaks Station on the railroad, and that the enemy were forming in the open fields beyond the wood-pile. I immediately ordered the artillery to open upon the enemy, advanced the picket line to that of the sharpshooters, and ordered the Eleventh Maine and the One hundred and fourth Pennsylvania to show themselves as supporting them.
Page 51 - Pennsylvania, and two sections of Bailey's artillery, and moved forward to meet any resistance the enemy might oppose to Captain Davis. We had scarcely started when a dispatch was received indicating that the enemy was assembling in front. Hurrying past the Seven Pines, I found Davis...

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