Willobie his Avisa: with an essay towards its interpretation

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Sherratt and Hughes, 1904 - 164 pages
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Page 91 - ... he would see whether another could play his part better than himself, and in viewing a far off the course of this loving Comedy, he determined to see whether it would sort to a happier end for this new actor, than it did for the old player.
Page x - Willobie his Avisa; Or the true Picture of a Modest Maid, and of a Chast and constant wife,' 1594 ; / extracts from Marston, Carew, &c.
Page 91 - WS who not long before had tryed the curtesy of the like passion, and was now newly recovered of the like infection; yet finding his frend let bloud in the same vaine, he took pleasure for a tyme to see him bleed, & in steed of stopping the issue, he inlargeth the wound, with the sharpe rasor of a willing conceit, perswading him that he thought it a matter very easy to be compassed, & no doubt with payne, diligence & some cost in time to be obtayned. Thus this miserable comforter comforting his frend...
Page 90 - HW being sodenly infected with the contagion of a fantasticall fit, at the first sight of A, pyneth a while in secret griefe, at length not able any longer to indure the burning heate of so...
Page 166 - MR. HUGHES is to be congratulated on the publication of such an interesting and valuable manuscript as this is. It is curious that it should have lain so long unedited in the library of an Oxford college. He has prefixed to it an account of Fynes Moryson's life, which contains many new details, gives a copy of his will, and fixes for the first time the exact date of his death (12 Feb. 1630). Moryson's manuscript was intended to be a supplement to his ' Itinerary ; ' a ' fourth part ' he entitled...
Page 120 - I thought at first, (but this my thought I must correct ;) that simple love, In guilles hart these fits had wrought. But I ; too simple I, now prove, That under shew of great good will, My harts delight you seeke to spill. He loves me well, that tils a trap, Of deepe deceite, and deadly baine, In dreadfull daungers thus to wrap His friend by baites of flering traine : Though flattering tongues can paint it brave Your words do shew, what love you have. I must consent, and you will stay My husbands...
Page 42 - YEa so I thought, this is the end Of wandring lust, resembling love, Wa'st love or lust, that did intend Such friendlesse force, as you did move? Though you may vaunt of happier fate, I am content with my estate. I rather chuse a quiet mind, A conscience cleare from bloudy sinnes, Then short delights, and therein find That gnawing worme, that never linnes, Your bitter speeches please me more, Then all your wealth, and all your store.
Page 8 - Againe, if we marke the exact descriptions of her birth, her countrie, the place of her abode ; and such other circumstances, but especially the matter and manner of their talkes and conferences...
Page xx - A, pineth a while in secret grief, at length not able any longer to endure the burning heat of so fervent a humour, bewrayeth the secrecy of his disease unto his familiar friend WS...
Page 5 - Who at his departure, chose me amongst the rest of hisfrendes, vnto whome he reposed so much trust, that he deliuered me the key of his study, and the vse of all his bookes till his returne.

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