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Either learn beforehand about manipulators without conscience who will take all you have built up - or discover after the fact as you pick up the dreadful pieces. This is an important book as is Dr. Hare's first book, 'Without Conscience'.
Not all psychopaths end up in jail. Some are quite content to steal slowly - your job, your money, your home. They will turn your boss and loyal employees against you. They are expert at what they do.
I wish this was taught in business schools before the unsuspecting head into the workplace.
Eleanor Cowan, author of : A History of a Pedophile's Wife

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I had purchased this book when it was first published because I had the sense that I was working with a psychopath and the narrative and case study in this book definitely confirmed my suspicions.
Having the ability to confirm the behaviours and traits of the Snake in the Suit really helped me to strategize with this person.
Basically, the book tells you that if you are working with a psychopath, then just get out of their way because the snake will destroy you and in all honesty that is exactly what the psychopath did in my workplace.
I believe the authors of this book are 'experts' in the field of socio/psych pathology. This book is a must read for all people in the workforce.

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This book both scared and intrigued me. Although I studied social psychology in my sociology studies, little about psychopaths was covered, so these readings of late really fascinate me. This book really describes someone I know. This book can give you bad dreams, and it does need to be read.
On page 51, the authors said that psychopaths "even lie to people who tell the truth." That's interesting because the psychopath I know does that. The book oddly praised Caesar, who is someone I am also intrigued about it, and I want to learn more about him. The book said Caesar was surely not a psychopath. That's good. The idea that "Psychopaths have no career goals" perplexes me, because aren't they suppose to crave power and thus seek to advance in a career to get more and more power. The authors did say something to the effect of "They may appear ambitious, but if something more exciting comes along, they will go for that."

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