The Bulletproof Author: How To Overcome Constant Rejection To Become An Unstoppable Author: A Guide For Newbies, Midlisters and Best Sellers

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Woodpecker Media, 2017 - Self-Help

Master The Greatest Challenge You Face As A Writer:  Constant Rejection

This book shows newbies, midlisters, self-published and best selling authors how to transcend painful obstacles like rejected manuscripts, bad reviews, insulting advances and poor sales.  Using the latest studies in building grit and resiliency you’ll cultivate the inner strength needed to push through adversity and thrive under pressure.  

Are you an unpublished author who just received your 24th rejection letter? Did your latest book get a string of 1-star reviews? Are you a midlister whose book signing attracted five people?  Are you a best selling author who got half the advance you expected because your last two books didn’t do well? 

ALL authors have to deal with constant rejection. It is an occupational hazard. What danger is to a cop, rejection is to a writer--always hanging in the air dripping with possibility. 

If you don’t learn to deal with rejection in a constructive way it has the potential to destroy your writing career.  It will make you think you’re no good.  Question your worth. Cause you to give up.  Give you writer’s block. Burden you with anxiety and depression.  This guide will help you cultivate resiliency by:

Developing A Coping Strategy For Failure

Learn how to cultivate what psychologists call the “ultimate strategy” in building a higher threshold for failure: An “Empowered self-explanatory style.”

Using Your Brain Circuitry To Change The Way You React To Rejection

Wondering why you gloss over 99 positive Amazon reviews and fixate on the lone negative one?  Neuroscientists believe we are wired to perceive social rejection as a mortal threat.  Learn proven ways to neutralize the brain’s explosive reaction to rejection and build neural networks that form the basis of a bulletproof consciousness.   

Emotional First Aid:  Managing The Pain Of Rejection 

Discover the 48 Hour Sulking Rule and counter-intuitive strategies like “extinction” to move past the pain of major rejections.  Then find out about cutting-edge strategies that show you how to manage emotional pain the way you do physical pain.

Ruminations: Dealing With Rejections You Can’t Seem To Get Over

Learn the three-step approach studies show calmed people better than talk therapy.

How To Handle Critics, Criticism, And Bad Reviews

Discover how dozens of writers deal with bad reviews—the insights they uncovered and the actions they take.  Then find out how research discovered that bad reviews aren’t a death sentence to your book, how they are often discounted by the public, and finally, nine healthy ways to inoculate yourself from their effects.  

When Good Things Happen To Other Writers:  Treating Poison Envy

Your friend’s success isn’t the cause of your envy; it’s the trigger.  Find out what experts believe is the real driver of a writer’s jealousy and how to use that knowledge to heal yourself from the pain and anger.  You’ll also learn how to use envy as a change agent and how to tame the natural proclivity to compare yourself against other writers.

Taming The Biggest Critic Of All:  YOU.  

We need our inner critic because it’s the CEO of Quality Control—it stops us from writing crap and getting publicly humiliated.  But do we need its harshness and cruelty?  Learn how a Nobel Prize winner’s work on loss aversion can turn an inner voice of self-persecution into an inner consciousness of self-empowerment.  

At It For Years With Little To Show For It?  Dealing With Chronic Frustration

A newbie who can’t break in. A stalled midlister. A best seller sliding into irrelevancy. Years of frustration and disappointment can dig tunnels in your fortitude. How do you climb out of the vat of cynicism and despair?  By getting clear on what drives all creative people.


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