Travels in Turkey, Asia-Minor, Syria, and Across the Desert Into Egypt During the Years 1799, 1800, and 1801, in Company with the Turkish Army, and the British Military Mission: To which are Annexed, Observations on the Plague and on the Diseases Prevalent in Turkey, and a Meteorological Journal

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R. Phillips, no. 71, St. Paul's Church Yard. By T. Gillet, Salisbury Square., 1803 - Egypt - 618 pages

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Page 503 - Holland is a country, where the earth is better than the air, and profit more in request than honour; where there is more sense than wit ; more good nature than good humour ; and more wealth than pleasure : where a man would chuse rather to travel than to live ; shall find more things to observe than desire ; and more persons to esteem than to love.
Page 166 - In the valleys some corn is produced; and the bread made from it is of an excellent quality. The dews, which fall in great abundance, are highly favourable to the vegetation in general.
Page 597 - A COMPLETE SYSTEM of PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE, including all the modern Improvements and Discoveries, in which the principles of chemistry are applied in explanation of the nature and composition of Soils and Manures; and those of other sciences in the breeding, rearing, and fattening, of different sorts of live Stock. The whole intended to combine and explain, fully and completely, the principles and practice • of the art of Modern Husbandry.
Page 129 - Four thousand of the wretched inhabitants who had surrendered, and who had in vain implored the mercy of their conquerors, were, together with a part of the late Turkish garrison of El-Arish (amounting, it has been said, to five or six hundred) dragged out in cold blood, four days after the French had obtained...
Page 129 - Indeed, I am sorry to add, that the charge of cruelty against the French General does not rest here. It having been reported that, previously to the retreat of the French army from Syria, their Commanderin-chief had ordered all the French sick at Jaffa to be poisoned, I was led to make the enquiry to which every one, who should have visited the spot, would naturally have been directed, respecting an act of such injustice and, it should seem, wanton inhumanity.
Page 166 - On the south side of this court there ij a purlieu, niue long, awl abuut about four broad, in like manner hewn out of the natural rock. It has a kind of architrave running along its front, and although time has certainly deprived it of some of its beautie», yet it still exhibits the remains of excellent sculxure of flowers, fruits, &c.
Page 129 - I was led to make the inquiry to which every one who should have visited the spot would naturally have been directed, respecting an act of such singular, and, it should seem, wanton inhumanity. It concerns me to have to state, not only that such a circumstance was positively asserted to have happened, but that, while in Egypt, an individual was pointed out to us, as having been the executioner of these diabolical commands.
Page 597 - In two elegant volumes, 4to. price 81. 8s. in boards, decorated with a great number of vignettes; together with a magnificent atlas, of large engravings, by the first artists, representing the principal objects and buildings in Paris, from beautiful drawings made under the direction of the author ; or, the same work, with the atlas plates reduced in size, and folded in the volumes, price 51.
Page 597 - TRAVELS in GERMANY, HOLLAND, FLANDERS, and France, to Paris ; with numerous particulars relative to the present state of that Capital ; its Manners, Characters, Paintings, Music, Theatres, Gardens, Institutions, Architecture, &c.
Page 3 - ... These, with a certain number of noncommissioned officers and privates, belonging to the corps of Artillery, and a few artificers, composed the above mission, consisting altogether of seventy-six persons. " The officers who were appointed on this occasion to act under General Koehler were — Lieut. -Colonel Holloway, of the Royal Engineers; Majors Hope and Fead, of the Royal Artillery ; Major Fletcher and Captain Lacy, of the Royal Engineers; and Captain Leake, of the Royal Artillery. Captain...

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