Islam in China: Hui and Uyghurs Between Modernization and Sinicization

Front Cover
White Lotus Press, 2004 - Hui (Chinese people) - 167 pages
This book defines the Muslims of China, in particular the Hui (Chinese Muslims) and the Uyghurs (minzu) and umma (Islamic community), and the penetration of Chinese culture or sinicization, enable the reader to understand the particularities of Islam in China. Mosques, Sufism, feasts, and family shape the Muslim society and its ethos. After the reforms of Deng Xiaoping, modernization plays an important role, and appears in the daily life of these Muslims through the impressive deveolopment of China which also influences indirectly Islam in this part of the world. China's modernization constitutes a model for Southeast Asia and helps the Yunnanese Hui in Thailand and Burma be proud of their country of origin. One chapter deals with these two countries and explains these unknown overseas Chinese in particular in Chiang Mai and Mandalay.

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