The grand pacha's cruise on the Nile in the viceroy of Egypt's yacht, Volume 1

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Page 123 - Could never equal, nor come nigh. For women first were made for men, Not men for them. — It follows, then, That men have right to every one, And they no freedom of their own ; And therefore men have power to choose, But they no charter to refuse.
Page 16 - The length of the shaft is seventy-three feet [a solid block of granite] ; the total height ninety-eight feet nine inches; the circumference twenty-seven feet eight inches ; and the diameter of the top of the capital sixteen feet six inches. The shaft is elegant and of good style ; but the capital and pedestal are of inferior workmanship, and have the appearance of being of a different period. Indeed it is probable that the shaft was of a Greek epoch ; and that the unfinished capital and pedestal...
Page 235 - The hieroglyphic inscript.on above it is much defaced; but in the legible portion, besides the titles of the king and queen,
Page 281 - sweetest waters flow— Though airs from Gabriel's wings may rise To fan the cradle where he lies ; Though long these patient cares endure, It proves at last a bird impure. " A viper nurtured in a bed Where roses all their beauties spread, Though nourished with the drops alone Of waves that spring from Allah's throne. Is still a poisonous reptile found, And with its venom taints the ground. " This truth our holy prophet sung— All things return from whence they sprung.
Page 68 - ... sweeter when a quantity has been quickly taken out ; proving the water itself to be originally fresh, and rendered salt by contact with earth containing saline matter. It seems singular that the lakes should rise so long after the high Nile, a period of nearly 3 months; and this can only be explained by the slowness of the water's passage through the strata of the mountains intervening between the river and this distant valley; which, judging from the time the Nile water takes to ooze through...
Page 116 - With these sentiments Irij determined to repair immediately to his brothers, and place his kingdom at their disposal, hoping by this means to merit their favor and affection, and he said: "I feel no resentment, I seek not for strife, I wish not for thrones and the glories of life; What is glory to man? — an illusion, a cheat; What did it for Jemshid, the world at his feet? When I go to my brothers their anger may cease, Though vengeance were fitter than offers of peace.
Page 242 - Arbogue, we marched a distance of '!-">'/- miles, along the alluvial soil near the river Oxus. There were frequently several khails of Turcomans in sight in all directions, but the only fixed village is Old Ooregunge, which is 109 miles from Khyva. It is on the site of the ancient city, which is said to have existed in the time of the Fire-worshippers. The Russian prisoners amounted to...
Page 165 - The mesh'al is a staff with a cylindrical frame of iron at the top filled with wood, or...
Page 137 - The habit of unstinted charily approving. He said : " I never was before so much affected : How beautiful is charity, when well directed ! So clear and noble is the duty of almsgiving, At once I'll go and beg, as sure as I am living.
Page 163 - The quenchless stars ! so eloquently bright, Untroubled sentries of the shadowy night.

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