Report of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven, Conn. for the Year ...

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The State, 1904 - Agriculture
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Page 120 - ... (15) per cent of crude fiber. One hundred parts of the nonvolatile ether extract contain not less than three and one-quarter (3.25) parts of nitrogen.
Page 112 - Chemists, and such other experts as he may deem necessary, to establish standards of purity for food products and to determine what are regarded as adulterations therein, for the guidance of the officials of the various States and of the courts of justice.
Page 113 - Cream is that portion of milk, rich in milk fat, which rises to the surface of milk on standing, or is separated from it by centrifugal force, is fresh and clean and contains not less than eighteen (18) per cent of milk fat.
Page 118 - ... Cinnamon is the dried bark of any species of the genus Cinnamomum from which the outer layers may or may not have been removed.
Page 225 - State agricultural colleges, and to persons holding official entomological positions, and dried insects and dried reptiles may be sent in the mails when so put up as to render it practically impossible that the package shall be broken in transit, or the persons handling the same be injured, or the mail bags or their contents soiled. "Nursery stock, including field-grown florists...
Page 116 - Starch sugar is the solid product made by hydrolyzing starch or a starch-containing substance until the greater part of the starch is converted into dextrose. Starch sugar appears in commerce in two forms, anhydrous starch sugar and hydrous starch sugar.
Page 112 - ... or without the addition of salt, sugar, vinegar, spices, smoke, oils, or rendered fat. If they bear names descriptive of kind, composition, or origin, they correspond thereto and when bearing such descriptive names, if force or flavoring meats are used, the kind and quantity thereof are made known.
Page 120 - White pepper is the dried mature berry of Piper nigrum L. from which the outer coating or the outer and inner coatings have been removed...
Page 21 - Prime Cottonseed Meal must be finely ground, not necessarily bolted, of sweet odor, reasonably bright in color, yellow, not brown or reddish, free from excess of lint, and must contain at least 38.6 per cent of protein.
Page 114 - Butter is the clean, non-rancid product made by gathering in any manner the fat of fresh or ripened milk or cream into a mass, which also contains a small portion of the other milk constituents, with or without salt, and contains not less than eighty-two and five-tenths (82.5) per cent of milk fat.

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