Biographie der Dichter,: Shakspear

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In der Dyckischen Buchhandlung, 1770 - Poets

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Page 94 - King Lear is an admirable tragedy of the same kind, as Shakespeare wrote it: but as it is reformed according to the chimerical notion of POETICAL JUSTICE, in my humble opinion it has lost half its beauty.
Page 228 - Vezzosi augelli infra le verdi fronde Temprano a prova lascivette note . Mormora l'aura, e fa le foglie e l'onde Garrir, che variamente ella percote. Quando taccion gli augelli, alto risponde ; Quando cantan gli augei, più lieve scote: Sia caso od arte, or accompagna, ed ora Alterna i versi lor la musica ora.
Page 6 - Ten in the hundred lies here Ingrav'd ; " Tls a hundred to ten his soul Is not sav'd : "If any man ask. who lies In this tomb? " Oh ! oh ! quoth the devil, 'tis my John-a-Combe.
Page 409 - ... détournées qui te choquent. Nous sommes cinq ou six novateurs hardis qui avons entrepris de changer la langue du blanc au noir ; et nous en viendrons à bout, s'il plaît à Dieu, en dépit de Lope de Vega, de Cervantes, et de tous les autres beaux esprits qui nous chicanent sur nos nouvelles façons de parler.
Page 141 - Shakespear's warblings wild? Whom on the winding Avon's willow'd banks Fair fancy found, and bore the smiling babe To a close cavern...
Page 82 - The Firft Part of Henry IV, with the Life and Death of Henry firnamed Hot-Spur," [Ee3]-Gg2 (recto), pp. 41-63; "The Second Part of Henry IV, COntaining His Death and COronation of King Henry V," Gg2 (recto)-Ii1,pp.63-86; "Epilogue" and "The Actors' Names,
Page 162 - In antient tales amaf'da bai-brous age , An age , that yet uncultivate and rude, "Where e'er the poet's fancy le£í, puríu'd Thru jjathieff Ficliis, and unfrequetend Floods, To dens of dragons, and enchanted woods.
Page 141 - Here , as With honey gathcrd from the rock, She fed the little pratler, and with fongs v Ofl'iooth'd his wondring-ears, with deep delight On her foft lop he fat and caight the founds. fînb bie faltblutig »erbefferfen lieber béé frifi...
Page 357 - Odes of Pindar, with feveral other Pieces in Profe and Verfe , translated from the Greek. To which is added a DICfertation on the Olympick Garncs ; together with Original Poems on feveral Oeesfions.
Page 84 - Being wanted , he moy be more wondrcd at, .... By breaking through the Foul and ugly mift...

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